This last month seems to be the battle of the FPS shooters with a twist and today we will be sharing our thoughts about one of the big hitters, Battleborn.

From the creators of Borderlands comes the self dubbed ‘next generation shooter’.  In a fight to save the last star in the universe, the merry band of ‘badass’ heroes pit themselves against an evil of the like never seen before.


Story Mode

Story Mode, as you might expect, follows the fight against a new, unknown evil that threatens to destroy the very last star that can be found in the universe.  Picking your hero, you can either go it a alone in the campaign, a job that is not the easiest but not impossible, you can team up with three friends to tackle the mysterious foe or even join forces with three random players.  However you chose to tackle the story mode, be prepared for immense battles that will require you to work as a team, the lone wolves of the FPS world will not fare long in the Battleborn universe, teamwork is one of the most important things in the game as well as choosing your character.  You’ll want to make sure your team in balanced with skills and weaponry!  

The story mode is good fun and there is plenty of interaction form the game itself by way of videos before each level that help inform you about the story and what is happening.  You’ll need to carve yourself out a good half and hour to forty minutes per level, they are intense battles so make sure you have a drink, snacks and have been to the loo! 


Courtesy of Gearbox & 2K


There are three game modes in multiplayer and that are 5 vs 5 players online, (you can also do splitscreen).  Again working with your team is a good idea, but PVP is very different from the story mode co-op, the matches are more like a traditional first person shooter, so you should feel right at home.


Every character has a different personality, look and weaponry.  They all have their own positives and negatives, utilizing every single one of them in your fight to defend the universe is the only way you will win.  All in all there are 25 different characters from samurai vampires, giant men with massive machine guns to Steampunk Cyborgs that send out deadly owls.  You will no doubt find a favourite in the bunch, Marquis is favoured by myelf, but you might prefer to be a healer, as opposed to a shooter, to you might like close combat sword fighting.  Who ever you end up choosing, make good use of all of their powers, weapons and abilities.


Courtesy of Gearbox & 2K

Level Up

Battleborn has a slightly different way of leveling you up which allows you to unlock more characters and abilities.  Whilst in a match or on a level in story mode, your chosen character will level up, open up more abilities and weapons, but at the end of that match/level, your character, if you chose the same one again, will be reset to the lowest rank.  Do not fear though as each level/match gains you experience, which in turn raises your personal command rank and at the same time, will improve the overall character rank for that particular character.

Our Verdict

When deciding our thoughts on the game, it is hard not to compare it to Overwatch, given they both came out roughly the same time.  Overwatch is far superior when it comes to the Multiplayer aspect, but that is most likely in part due to the fact that Overwatch is solely a first person shooter multiplayer game.  Battleborn comes into it’s own with the story mode and the complete flexibility of being able to play alone, splitscreen, with friends or random people.  It gets a solid 4 out 5 from us, if there was more to do with the multiplayer it would definitely get a 5 out of 5.  Battleborn is great fun to play alone or with friends! 

4 out of 5


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