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Battlefleet Gotic Armada takes place during the 12th Black Crusade putting players in the middle of the Gothic war that rages between the Imperium and Aboddon the Dispoiler. Your roll as Admiral Spire is to take Command of a small fleet of Imperial war ships and protect the citizens of the Imperium against the attacking Chaos fleet.


Battlefleet Gothic Armada is an RTS game from Games Workshop powered by UREAL engine 4 and it looks stunning running at 1080p. If you’ve played other Games Workshop titles then this should be a game you’ll enjoy. As for myself i have only played a few WARHAMMER titles and was slightly worried id struggle to understand the narrative however, with the opening cinematic and introduction to why this war was happening those concerns quickly faded. With that being said this is a game that all can enjoy whatever your knowledge of  Games Workshops vast Story’s, Characters, Kingdoms and Universe’s. 


Above is a screenshot of the first sector. Each colored dot represents a system and your next assignment with Captain Revenburg explaining the assignment tasks. If you win you gain control over that system pushing back the Chaos Fleet and leading to all out victory. It’s not however just the Chaos fleet you need to be wary of. It can and will happen that some Imperial soldiers defer to the other side and go rouge and assume control for themselves

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Like any RTS game the controls are pretty simple as in its just a point and click type deal which is roughly how it is in Battlefleet Gothic Armada. The camera is a little tricky to get to grips with having W,S,A,D, Mouse, Mouse wheel and holding Mouse wheel enabling you to go where ever and any distance within the playable area. For me there is a little to much choice with camera and i found i was constantly adjusting the angles and missing some crucial instructions, hints and tips that where scrolling on the right of the screen. In time id imagine that this would become easier and just second nature but at the start, especially if your new to RTS games you may find this slightly frustrating. 


After the batlle has been won or the assignment has been complete you will earn yourself renown which is spent with in the shipyard to upgrade your ships or expand your fleet and oh my word there is a lot you can do. Depending on the size of the ship and its purpose, Cruiser, Frigate, Destroyer ect depends on the amount of modification you can do in terms of modules. These may range from upgrading or installing modules to help with your Defense, Damage, Control, Support, Recon or Maneuverability. You can also upgrade your Engines, Generators, Deck, Hull and Weapons. How you upgrade or what you choose to install on your ship is up to you but remember that your choices could lead to either victory or defeat so choice wisely.



All in all i loved this game and look forward to continuing my quest to defeat the chaos fleet and keep my fellow Imperium’s safe. Yes its a little daunting at first with all the click here click there prompts but push through them because the narrative and game play ( despite the camera ) has got me hooked and the visuals leave me speachless.  


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