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How about been a 80s New York City cop on the beat? Fancy it….  Not a true 80s New York but the fictional world inspired by all those cop shows. Intrigued? We were. Read on for our full review.



A game where you are “Jack Kelly” and you get framed for murder (yet you still stay on the force). Demoted to beat cop, you wander your “beat” and help New York stay clean.  Expect a densely packed crime story filled with dark humour fit for the era.

All you need is a good mouse to play this game and we tested it out hard. 


Good dynamic of story and action.  The game sets up with the tutorial and introduces each control in turn – all done with the mouse.  Does it feel great and intuitive – not always but it works well for its purpose. 



From the beginning of each day and the objectives talked about by your boss in the right hand room of the station (see above picture). There is so many references to be had. It overall does not matter if you read what the detective says but it adds to the story.



Now on the beat, every click can be important. All your police powers are on your taskbar at the bottom. Nice and clean setup with a lot to think about with lots happening on screen. Imagine 15 people and plenty of cars on screen and having to pick out the bad guys.  Sound Hard?

It lays it all out with the Party Hard style “cuffs” symbols on the possible criminals.  The game keeps you on your toes. Trying to get the cuffs on the criminal when on a full run can be hard.


This was great to play. It looks like a nostalgia fest of details from the films of the 80s.  It acts dark and gritty but puts that 80s spin onto it. It plays as the games of that era did. 

However it is upgraded in all areas for todays audiences – it feels retro but is not.  It fits in to the “just one more day” feel and got us playing for hours.

4 out of 5


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