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Beauty is normally quite focussed on the outside, how we look and what we do with our skin, it is very easy to forget that beauty starts from the inside.

Started by Cristiana Arcangei in Brazil, Beauty’in and is based around the idea of ‘we are what we eat.’  A fusion of cosmetics, vitamins and food, enriched with hydrolysed collagen, which is an incredible protein tat keeps skin firm and bouncy, Beauty’in also keeps away from preservatives, sugar and trans fats.

Bright vibrant colours on the packaging are simply a hint of the exotic flavours that they promise.

Blast Shake Beauty Drink


The drinks come in eight flavours, which all have a specific aim to help us with.  What is really clever about them is the Blastcap technology.  It keeps the water separate to the the vitamins and minerals until you are ready to drink them.

Each flavour having a different job means that the Blast Shake Beauty Drink is more than just a drink.  The range includes anti angeing B-Young and Free, which has hibiscus, acai and grape, then there is also B-Renewed which is cucumber, lemon and aloe vera.  Most areas that we find problematic in beauty have a drink to help tackle it and the bonus is that they have no sugar, trans fats or preservatives, each bottle being less than 12 calories!

A particular favourite at Erisea was the Lychee & White Tea, which focusses on the hair and nails.  It was actually a disappointment to get to the bottom of the bottle.  We loved the idea that the flavour was kept fresh by the Blastcap technology, ensuring a fabulous drink every single time.

RRP £3.50

Beauty Candy

Beauty In Candy

Packed full of wonderful vitamins and minerals, along with collagen, the Beauty Candy is delicious in every way and even come in the form of tiny little bears!  With an aim to help improve the skin, the candies contain what is important to the skin cells, 12 sweets equals 2 grams of collagen!

The sweets come in four tasty flavours and are just the right size for your handbag!

RRP Small box £2.50 or large box £8.50

Beauty Bars

Beauty In Cereal Bar

Dried fruit in tasty little cubes, they are sweetened with honey and packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and fibre, as well as gold linseed.

A healthy snack that can be eaten anywhere and any time, with sugar, trans fats and artificial colourings no where in sight, they are good for you.

RRP £2.50

Beauty Tea

Beauty In Tea

These teas have all of the benefits of the other Beauty’In products and can be drunk hot or cold.  The main part of the tea comes from ‘Camellia Sinesis’ grown and harvested in Singapore and Kenya. Extraction of the tea is made my local people in both countries, so not only are thousands of jobs created but there is no impact on the local traditions, cultures and of course, most importantly sustainability.

The teas are full of antioxidants and are surprisingly sweet!

RRP £2.50 for 10 sachets

The entire range is available in Harvey Nichols. You can also pick up the drink and candy at Selfridges! All can be purchased online at Amazon or Revital!

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