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Make up artist to the stars Gemma Aldous has worked with some of the biggest names around.  We caught up with her to find out more about the lady behind the brush.

What made you want to be a make up artist?

My love of makeup and obsession with beautiful skin. I just love tones, experimenting with, and making up, different skin types and tones – dewy complexion, flawless complexions…. I always wanted to make people feel good about themselves too. Whether it’s for their wedding day, a special event or a celebrity, I just like to make a difference! It makes them happy, and me too! As somebody who has struggled with her skin, it felt important to give people their confidence back with what I had discovered and how to do it. I also love colour, so the fact that I get to play with this on a face is just amazing. It fascinates me how colour works on the different skin tones and how it compliments them. I look at a face as a canvas and I create my art on it. I also used to model, this is actually how I fell into makeup as I struggled with my weight which stopped me from modelling. However, from this experience, it led me to my passion and dream to become a makeup artist!

Gemma Aldous with Alice Cooper

Tell me more about your background in the beauty industry.

I used to model, so I was never in the beauty industry prior to this. I was just a part of the bigger media industry. However from this experience, and stopping modelling, it led me to start playing around with makeup. I made friends with makeup artists that had worked on me and joined them as an assistant on the other side making up the models. I absolutely loved it and had a natural talent at it. Then I took a short course, that just made me realize the other opportunities in the industry and I wanted to be apart of it. I was also Ambasador for a brand (MeMeMe Cosmetics) until 2 years ago when sadly it had to end. I absolutely loved every moment of it though as it gave me insight into the beauty world from the product side which was amazing. I love testing products, comparing, talking about them and giving my influence and expertise in how to make them better. I had a huge part of the brand in the formulas used, the packaging, media relations etc. It was a fantastic experience as not only was I using this gorgeous makeup, I had a part in creating it!!

What is inside your make up bag?

Oooo now that’s is a secret! Ha! I have a very simple makeup collection for myself, I generally keep to a look and like to carry around little as possible. I have Shiesedo perfect refining foundation, Laura Mercier secret camoflauge for any unwanted extra blemishes on my face, Clinque day to date duo eyeshadow, Mac mascara and eyeliner and Mac bronzer, along with bronzing brush and foundation brush (my secret weapon). Pretty simple! Ooo eyebrow comb and I just use my eyeshadow with a little angled brush to apply. Here’s a piccie, see for yourself!!

Gemma Aldous - Makeup Bag

Do you have a favourite product to use?

Yes, I absolutely love Shisedo pour refining foundation. It’s lightweight, covers beautifully and is long lasting!! Your skin is just flawless!

What has been your most defining moment throughout your career?

There hasn’t been one particular moment, as soon as I started getting jobs on sets, for celebrities on red carpets etc. it just kind of spiralled and I never looked back. I guess you could say that being given the opportunity to work with these people, gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills on a wider level (both in terms of people, genders, styles, and in terms of the population seeing the results). tHis helped me to get a good reputation and now I love getting to work on photo shoots, music videos etc. It never gets boring. There are always new people, new looks. I love it!

Is there anything, as a make up artist, you would still like to achieve?

Yes, of course! Many things! I’d love to write a book, become an Ambassador again to one of my favourite brands, create products…..have my own makeup empire, the list is endless. It is your own business and has so many avenues to go down the opportunities are endless and exciting. Not only do I work in the media and fashion world, I also work in advertising and have the other side of my business which is weddings and special occasions makeup. I also teach and write for various publications. I just want all of this to keep growing and see where I end up. The ‘Gemma Aldous’ Brand Ultimately.

Gemma Aldous with Seal

What makes your work different from other makeup artists?

I’m clean, quick and a great listener which is key in my profession as you need to understand what is being asked of you and be able to transform into a beautiful creation with makeup… it’s a knack let me tell you. People’s visions are very different so you have to interprete from their words and I am good at doing this. I’m fun to be around. I have my quirky ways, always honest with my opinion and love to work with people on creating their look. I have often been told that I am a great listener and very understanding, these are all very important parts of the job as well as being a fabulous makeup artist.


Who has been your favourite person to work with/ career highlight and why? Favourite person?

It’s defiantly favourite people….  I’ll start with Alice Cooper. What a dream, a man who wears makeup!! Great stories, great fun and just a real pleasure to be around and work with. My favourite female has to be Sheridan Smith. Who doesn’t love her?! She is so much fun, lets me just do what I want and loves it! She is my favourite. My highlight… I’d have to say is Larry Hagman and the Dallas crew…. What an honour, a dream man with great stories, true gentleman. Sadly he passed away shortly after, but I am honoured to have been able to work with such a legend!! Then there is Eliza Doolittle, such a sweetheart and Pixie Lott is too… I really could go on, I have been a very lucky lady with my clients!! Ooo and Blondie… Legend!


Who would you most love to give a makeover to? Why?

I wouldn’t like to give her a makeover, I’d just love to make her up…Rhianna. She can rock anything, is gorgeous and you would just have so much fun playing with that face!! To give a makeover…Hmmmm you have the obvious TOWIE lot and Jordan (aka Katie Price) who just wear too much makeup, and the wrong type. Of make up too. I’d love to give them make-unders. I think perhaps Princess Kate. I think she is gorgeous, just sometimes I feel her makeup isn’t quite right, so id just love to give her a new fresher maybe slightly lighter look. Just an excuse to touch the future Queen really!


What’s the most important aspect of grooming or what makes the most difference?

Hair Grooming and under the eyes. It creates attitude, sets the stage for your face and are one of the things people notice the most. If you look well groomed and well rested, it’s the perfect basis to rock any look.


What are the hottest trends this summer?

Orange Lips and bring back the 90’s yes the white eyeliner is back!!! Both looks are set to be super hot this summer with both catwalks and celebs already rocking them!


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