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Fresh faced and ready to take on the music industry, Alice and the Lovers are set to make a big impact.  We have been lucky enough to spend a little time with the lovely Alice and find out more about the band…

You dubbed yourselves an ‘Original girlllltar band’ – when did you all start playing the guitar and which ones do you have?

We all started playing when we were children, I think. We were saying the other day how we’d be staying in practising while others were out, but we get to be out and play loads now so we’re making up for it!
I’m a lefty myself and I have a few bass guitars and guitars.  My fave one at the moment is a vintage 1960’s hollow body one. I’m not sure what it’s worth as doesn’t seem to have a name any more!  ( I think it probably wore off over time!)  It sounds really Dirty and old, so I love it.  It is really pretty and a few people he offered to buy it off me at gigs, but I couldn’t sell him! He’s on the recordings etc and one of my babies!

Alice offley 3 Alice and The LoversYour début single ‘Valentine’ has a real 90s alternative vibe.  You define your style as Dark Romantic Pop, can you explain this in more detail?

We were kids in the 90s so there is probably something in that. I think we are influenced from all over the place,  from parents records, to our own.
We call ourselves dark romantic pop as The songs are mostly about love! That wasn’t intentional, but just what came out.  So, we are romantic, but from a different kind of darker angle.
I like mysterious and dramatic, theatrical colours in the music.  I like to write lyrics that are truthful and sometimes the truth can be a bit dark.  So it’s how they come out!

What bands/artists do you look up to and have influenced your music?

We love old blues artists, with loads of soul and emotion.  Also, retro girl bands like The Shangri-la’s, they are so great!  And then there’s the trashiness and attitude of the Velvet Underground and Nico.

Alice Offley 2 Alice and the loversWhat aspirations do you have for Alice and the Lovers?  Do you want to be renowned for studio albums, as an amazing live act or a mix? 

I would love us to be a mix of that.  At the moment we are getting awesome feedback at gigs, cos we love to rock out!
So yeah, to make a great album would be amazing, that would be the dream.
I listen to and adore so many old records. So, if we could make something that could last and people would want to listen to, then it would be the best feeling!

It must be hectic recording and performing gigs, what is your beauty regime? 

Ha ha good question!
There are a lot of late nights when we’re gigging and driving around.  
I always make sure I take my make-up off before bed.  (Well we all have to get the black eye make up off, or it can get a bit messy on the pillows etc!)  Ooo the Tangle Teaser hair brush is the best! No pain! Costs £13 But defo worth it!
Drinking water as much as I can Remember to. Although sometimes coffee wins.
Ohhh bubble baths are the best thing ever after days of gigging and strawberry body butter.

Alice Offley Alice and The loversDo you have a favourite item in your make up bag?

Black liquid eye-liner I would say.

Do you have pets?  

I have a dog called Mozart! He’s a chihuahua and the cutest. He is a music dog, he listens to me song write and record, he’s so patient, he just lays there listening until I’m done! 

Are any of you gamers?  If so what platform and types of games? 

We’re not really gamers. I find them quite addictive and we are on the road a lot so can’t play them much.  Until we get a big posh tour bus and then we could play for hours when we are travelling #hopes

What is next for Alice and The Lovers?

We are gigging at the moment and going to record the 2nd EP in March, for a summer release.

photo3Finally, what do you have in your handbag?  

Mine is like Mary Poppins, the Genies Lamp… a mess!  Money, make up, hair brush x2.  A fork? Yes I know! It comes in useful!  Hair bands, hairspray, diary, chewing gum…Kirby grips. Kinder Egg toys, rubbish…wrappers/paper etc 

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