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We had the incredible pleasure of being able to spend some time with the guys from Apache Relay to find out all about them and their music! 


Please introduce yourselves and the band.

We’ve got Mike Harris on lead guitar and background vocals, Kellen Wenrich on violin, keys, and background vocals, Ben Ford on bass and background vocals, Michael Ford Jr. on guitar lead vocals, Steve Smith on drums, and my name is Brett Moore, I’m on keys, guitar, and background vocals.

Where are you all from and how did you get together?

We’re from all over the map in the USA, but we all came together in Nashville, TN when we all showed up to attend Belmont University.

Where does the name Apache Relay come from?

The name is from an amazing film called Heavyweights that came out in the early 90’s. Its a classic underdog story and at the end of the movie a group of ruffians has to overcome the bad guys in a contest called The Apache Relay.

Your sound has a definite modern folk feel to it. How did it develop?

It happened organically. We all come from pretty different and diverse musical backgrounds but all certainly have a respect for folk music. I wouldn’t say its at the forefront of our minds when we’re writing, but its definitely part of our DNA.

Press Photo _NEWWhat music did you grow up listening to?

I personally grew up listening to what my parent’s had playing around the house. The Beatles, Motown, The Eagles…pretty much all the legends of the 60’s and 70’s

Describe yourselves in three sentences.

We’re called The Apache Relay. We’re a band from Tennessee that writes and performs songs. It’s extraordinarily tight.

Katie Queen of Tennessee has an unusual video- who came up with the idea and what inspired it?

That was the director Hayley Young’s idea. She said when she heard the song it reminded her of dancing, so she started browsing Youtube and found that super talented group of dancers performing that routine. What made it interesting was that they were actually dancing to a medley of 80’s hair metal tunes, but when Hayley muted the audio and played Katie over it, the movements and song eerily lined up. 

Who takes the title in the band for each of these: 

Funniest: Me

Best dressed: Me

Moodiest: Everyone else

Worst dancer: Me

Biggest daydreamer: Me

Are you gamers? If so what platform do you prefer and what is your favourite game?

 We’re not really gamers in the video sense, but we have been known to enjoy playing cards and Monopoly Deal.

What is next for Apache Relay?

 We’ll keep touring as much as we can and hopefully start working on tunes for the next record very soon!


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