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Born in Sri Lanka to parents from Leeds and Devon in 1963, Beverley started off her life in exotic places.  When her family returned to Hertfordshire, after her fathers work in Sri Lanka for Kodak was complete, Beverley began to take piano lessons.  Music it seemed was in her blood, especially as her mother was an accomplished classical violinist.  Beverley was not just into her music though, she had a love for swimming and even competed in the Herts County Championships, swimming against Sharon Davies.

At 15 years old, Beverley purchased her first record and fell in love with music, with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Kate Bush, it is easy to see why.

Beverley has had an illustrious career, two of her most famous songs being ‘Holding on’ and of course, ‘Promise Me’.  We haven’t seen Beverley for a little while, but now she is back and we were extraordinarily lucky to get some time with Beverley to ask her a few questions!


Bev 2It has been a while since we have seen you in the UK, what have you been up to and what made you decide to record another album?

The last album I recorded was I 2009, ‘Close To Home’. I’m a slow writer – I wait until the mood takes me. My ex husband and I were officially divorced in 2011, and I’ve been living in rented accommodation for the past 4 years, waiting for our house to sell. My life has changed a great deal since the split, and the new songs on the album are a bit of a snap shot of recent years. I tend to write from personal experience, so in many ways the new album is a form of therapy for me.

Your new album is released in September and is dubbed as your most personal one to date, can you tell us more about it and how it has helped you?

I recorded a lot of this new album at home, on my computer…I’ve finally gotten to grips with modern technology! Although the drums, bass & guitars were done in a studio up near Oxford as I don’t have the space here at home. I find writing about my personal experiences very therapeutic – it’s like purging, and allows me to embrace my troubles and struggles!

What are you most looking forward to being back on tour? 

I love playing live – especially the interaction with my musicians. They’re all genius players and I feel very privileged to have them. It’s a 36-date tour in fairly small venues. I think the intimate settings suit me. I don’t get nervous any more – just excited!

How do you feel about your UK fans?  What is special about touring in the UK?

I love it when people come up to me after a show and confide in me (you never know, it might spark a new song!) My audiences tend to be quite subdued, which can be a little unsettling at times, as I’m never sure if they’re enjoying it. I drive myself to the gigs and sometimes book a hotel if it’s a long journey. My sax player, Frank Mead and I always make time for a pub lunch en route and chat non-stop about anything and everything. The relationship we have on stage is like no other – complete trust and respect, and lots of fun.

What is next for you after your UK tour and album release?

I’m REALLY looking forward to buying my own place and making it a home. It feels as if I’ve been camping for the last 4 years. I’ve missed my grand piano and gardening.

IMG_2895What is in your handbag?

I don’t carry an awful lot around with me…just the usual phone, purse, lip salve, keys, headphones, tissues, reading and sunglasses, occasionally poo bags (for the dog), a brush and a pen.

What an amazing interview!  Thank you so much to Beverley for taking the time to talk with us!  Her new album is out this month called Change of Heart and you can find out more about Beverley and her tour here.



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