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You may not yet have heard of the beautiful Giulia, but as her début single ‘Radio Junky’ has just been release, we are sure that you soon will.

Giulia collaborated with the extraordinary Tom Nichols, who has worked with Kylie and Celine Dion, in writing Radio Junky and her debut album ‘Raze Me To The Ground’, set to release in early 2015.  The musical vibe is very much a modern twist on the essence of country rock, with a pop flavour.  Unique and captivating, even Nashville writer Don Mescall couldn’t resist helping out with finishing touches on the album once he had heard and indeed fell in love with Giulia’s sound.

We had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Giulia about her, music and of course in true Erisea style, find out what was in her handbag! 


Tell us about yourself.

Well I Was born in Italy in Rome, but for few years, precisely(7), I lived in Argentina in Buenos Aires, my dad was a professional polo player and mum used to work in fashion!  I started developing my music interest and passion during those years, especially for country music!  Soon we moved back to Italy when Argentina started to have a period of crisis.  I’ve remained in Italy ever since attending English and American schools and when I decided that music was 100% the thing that I wanted to do, I moved to London.  It’s been four and a half years right now and it’s been great until now!!

Your new song Radio Junky is unusual in it’s theme.  What inspired you to create it?

Well radio Junkie is about a girl who is different from the others, I mean she’s not into fashion or classic  girly stuff, she’s a little bit dorky and her head is a little bit in the clouds, she just loves music and that is what makes her cool to me!  She’s a radio junkie!

Its also a song in which I used my imagination, its not about me or anything that has happened to me personally, like the others for example!

In the video to Radio Junky, it is as if you are there but no one can see you – was it hard to film it like that?  What was the filming process?

Again, as I said the song is not about me personally so I wanted to be the narrator of the story that I’m telling.
It wasn’t hard at all,  I just wasn’t the centre of attention!  Which a lot of artists these days forget, art is not all about themselves!

What are you looking forward to most about the next few months?

Well I would like to perform and start writing my new album! I’ve got a lot of things to say!

What is next for you as an artist?

I’ll be performing at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 17th of November, opening for the one and only miss Anastasia!!!

image2Tell us what’s in your handbag!

I like to keep It simple during the day! If I have to do a lot of things I’ll just have a black simple leather bag, quite big and comfortable, so I can keep all of my things.  For example – my wallet, my head phones (which I never go out without), my phone, my oyster card of course, a packet of gum and a lipstick or pencil lipstick, that’s the one and true make-up I’m addicted to!


Thank you to Giulia for taking the time to talk with us!  You can watch her video for new single Radio Junky here, but if you would like to find out more about her, don’t forget to stop by Twitter and say hello or check out her website!

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