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You may have caught the article last week where Josh talked about a new band called Honours, if not then do pop along, have a read and indeed a listen to their new song Bulletproof.

We were so impressed with this offering that we managed to arrange some time to chat to the guys and find out a little more about them.  Collectively, Honours is made up of Stephen Hughes, Ed Carlisle and Andrew McConkey, we talked a little with Stephen and Ed.

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Tell us about yourselves, where you come from and how you got together.

We all moved to London and were in various bands that fell apart. Then we found each other and it just clicked!

Where does the name Honours, come from?

Finding a name is the hardest part of being in a band. We spent three months trying to find a name and had nothing. There were some shocking suggestions! A friend in New York gave us two names and both were great. We chose Honours and couldn’t believe it hadn’t been taken.

If you could work with one band/artist who would it be and why?

Kanye – his mental geniusness would be good value in a studio.

The Boss – he’s just The Boss!

What has been the most exciting moment for you collectively, since you formed?

Two come to mind:

Our first tour. It’s a big test going into a room full of strangers and playing your music! People were amazing with us and really got the music which was loads of fun.

Second was hearing our single on the radio. It’s a bizarre and wonderful feeling!

Who are you listening to right now?


War on Drugs

Blood Orange

Do you have any tattoos?  If so what of and where?

None. Clean as a whistle

Your new single Bulletproof is out soon, tell us about it?

It’s a song about letting go of trying to be perfect. It’s got a big synth line and has the same four chords throughout the song. It’s out on 27th October..

What is next for Honours?

We’re currently writing the rest of our debut album. We’ve got a launch show for the single, on 29th Oct at the Islington. And in November we get to work with Producer Leo Abrahams (Paolo Nutini) on our next single…

Thank you to Honours for taking some time to talk with us, the single, Bulletproof, is out 27th October.

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