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Taking a new look at skincare, Earthzest Organics have gone back to basics, creating products that are safe to use for everyone since they are pure and made from, as they state ‘all the wonderful fruits of the Earth.’  As such the range is packed full of vitamins and fatty acids, just waiting to nourish and feed the skin, to leave it glowing and healthy.

Everything produced by Earthzest Organics is ‘100% pure and concentrated’ meaning that there is no water contained within them, so a small amount will go a long way.  They are proud of their cruelty-free and vegan-friendly labels, being passionate about animal welfare.

We decided to give a few of the skincare items a go and to have a chat with Jackie Callow, the creator and owner behind the incredible brand.


05Feed Your Face Cleanser

Normally when we think of cleansers, we think of a cream that removes the dirt and residue, make up and muck off of our skin.  Earthzest Organics have created something quite different, not only does the Feed Your Face Cleanser remove all the grime from a hard day, but it really does feed your face, nourishing and moisturising it.  After using the skin feels silky smooth, supple and glowing, unlike many other cleansers that leave the sin slightly tingly and sensitive, something that needs to be addressed with a really good moisturiser.

Toner For Well Balanced Skin

It is widely known that Toner is a product that cleans up the last of the muck, it catches what a cleanser might miss, most standard ones feel like water and tend to just sit of the skin.  Earthzest Organics have again re-imagined the Toner, in the form of a mist that can be sprayed onto the skin directly, it provided even coverage and immediately refreshes the skin, leaving it soft and invigorated.

F17lower Power Moisturising Balm

Incredible luxury that is a true pleasure to use.  Absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling extremely well nourished and moisturised, the Flower Power Moisturising Balm is amazing.  Not an ordinary moisturiser by any means, it comes in a concentrated form of a balm.  The balm melts on contact with the skin and just seeps into it, effortlessly.

Shea & Lavender Hand & Body Butter

Perfect for those dry hands and areas of the skna round the body, but also a another treat for your skin, the Hand & Body Butter really infuses the skin with moisture and makes it feel healthy and well cared for instantly.


We caught up with Jackie to find out more about her, you can read the interview next week!

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