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There are tips and tricks, regimes and routines galore on the internet and in magazines about how you should look after your skin.  The truth is, you need to get to know your own skin and then find the right way to look after it for you, because everyone is different. We think this is the most important thing for you to learn and then you can go on to find the right products to suit your needs.

Is your skin sensitive?  Does it need more hydration?  Are you prone to breakouts? When you discover the needs of your skin, you can then start to target the areas that need the most attention using the right lotions and potions. 

One company who make a skincare range containing products that target specific areas is Proactiv+.  

proactiv1Uneven Skin

If you decide that one of the areas that your skin needs some attention in, is the tone, then Proactiv+ can help.  containing salicylic acid, their Skin Smoothing Exfoliator will help to clear up blemishes and keep new ones from forming.  It also contains glycolic acid and tiny exfoliating beads, together they cleanse, brighten and gently smooth out the skin, leaving it looking healthier and more radiant.

Pore Issues

When your skin is dehydrated pores can be more prominent, Proactiv+ have produce a Pore Targeting Treatment to help with this very problem.  

Containing a mattifying agent, the skin is given a more uniform complexion, which in turn minimises the appearance of pores.  Of course this is all very good, but the issue of dehydration still needs to be addressed, so the lotion contains a humectant, meaning it aids the retention of moisture.  The Pore Targeting Treatment also helps calm and soothe the skin due to liquorice, aloe and honeysuckle, not to mention the salicylic acid.


Proactiv+ have a number of creams and lotions that work on specific problems for the skin and are available from their website.

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