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Betty Blue’s Loungerie: Betty Blue’s Loungerie was born out of the seeds of an idea that was sewn many years ago. Owner and Creative Director of the brand, Betty, has had a love of sleepwear, loungewear, lingerie and corsetry as well as all clothes that are utterly beautiful since a little girl. Betty Blue is proud to be made in the UK. See website here:

We caught up with Betty to find out more about her and her designs.

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Why is it important to you that you source your materials in the UK?

I feel passionately about boosting the UK economy.  It’s such a shame that we have lost so much of our textiles industry to cheaper workforces abroad.  As a small independent business, if I can help other small independent businesses the why shouldn’t I?  It seems other companies are obsessed with cost cutting, whereas I am more concerned with quality and ethics.  I of course wouldn’t rule out using fabrics sourced from other countries as we have lost a lot of our textiles industry so it isn’t always possible to use UK companies.

What makes your company different from other lingerie companies?

What makes Betty Blue’s Loungerie different from all the other loungewear companies is that we are advocates of glamour.  Of course loungewear has to be wearable and comfortable, as that is what it is intended for – you wouldn’t necessarily want to lounge around your house in a glam corset.  But where we differ from other companies is that we think about the emotions and confidence of our customers.  All too often women hide themselves in baggy unflattering and boring clothing when at home.  They love dressing up to go out, but somehow reach for the sweats when at home.  If you put on your favourite dress when you go out to say a dinner party, you instantly feel more confident as you know you look good.  I want to take that feeling you get when you dress up, so you feel just as good when you are dressing down.  All this of course mustn’t come at the expense of comfort.  The fabrics we use focus on wear ability, warmth where necessary and comfort.  So we use soft meshes, velvets, fleeces, jersey, silks and laces.

How do you come up with your designs?

I take a lot of inspiration from vintage nightwear and lingerie.  I love the whole glamour of the golden age of Hollywood and the effect it has on women.  My designs allow women to be feminine and frivolous.  Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look and feel like Jean Harlow or Marilyn Monroe.  To give the vintage styled garments more of a modern spin I use modern fabrics as well as trend lead colours, just to bring my garments into the 21st Century.

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Why is lingerie so important to the modern woman?

If you think about it lingerie has only been in existence since around the 1910’s/1920’s.  Before that it was corsets and bloomers, or even no underpants at all.  I think it’s so important to the modern woman because we haven’t had many years to explore it, like we have with other clothing.  It’s a sort of new and exciting garment, just for women, so a lot of us like experimenting and exploring this.  Also as it is hidden, it’s like our little secret of lacy delightfulness underneath a boring work suit.  As it is a smaller garment we can experiment so much more with lingerie and not be afraid of making any fashion mistakes as we might with say a dress.  I think loungewear has a huge part to play in the modern world too and is an up and coming market in the lingerie and fashion industry.  So many women get into their loungewear or pyjamas when they get in from a long day at work.

What advice would you give our readers about choosing the right lingerie?

The main advice I would give, especially for women more blessed in the boobage department than most, is don’t scrimp on bras.  Good bras are expensive for a reason; they have a job to do.  Other than that, I would say look outside M&S lingerie department.  There are SO many great lingerie companies out there producing really innovative and exciting designs.  I know it’s easier just to go to M&S or dare I say it Primark for your every day lingerie, but there’s a whole world out there via the internet.  A great way to hear of these exciting brands is to follow lingerie blogs such as The Lingerie Addict.  Selfridges also has a pretty good selection of up and coming designer lingerie companies.


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