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The Blackberry Playbook in a similar way to the phones, are maybe better for professionals and business minded people. However, the tablet offers something for everyone. With my pro’s and con’s I will hopefully broaden people’s opinion about this device.

The Blackberry Playbook still remains to be one of the best value but high quality tablets, that at the same time provides a great experience and satisfaction.

BlackBerry PlayBook


Speedy web browsing, I was very impressed with this, it seems to surf the web better and smoother than my laptop can, and has quicker load up times on web pages.

Outstanding HD video playback makes for pleasant and on occasion jaw dropping viewing for a small and very portable device.

There are play, pause, rewind and fast forward buttons installed on the top of the tablet, nice feature, very handy.

The sound quality is very good indeed. Great sound with or without headphones. In my experience some devices have poor sound when headphones are plugged in. However the playbook has great clarity.

I have pushed the sound to it’s limit and tested it in a busy college refectory. Again some devices loose quality in busy places. With the playbook I could clearly hear my video audio over the noise. I was able to watch my video and follow it, without loosing the story line or quotes.

It has the best document writer I have seen on a tablet. And, as far as I have seen, the only tablet to let you create documents not just read them.

Text/Font size can also be enlarged for clearer reading, which for someone like myself who is partially sighted, it a huge deal. I can read books and write whilst on the move, it has become a real lifeline.

The home screen is easy to navigate and is user friendly, with smooth touch response.

Everything that you may need or use is right there for you. Other extras are more than likely ready to download via the blackberry store.

It has a orientation screen lock swipe button, to keep things in one place while you are reading or watching a video.

One of the games the Playbook recommends to play is need for speed undercover.

It uses all the features of the touchscreen tablet and really shows it off. Things like simply swiping the screen for turbo boost on your car, and pushing the screen to activate the brake.

It appears to have a giro sensor fitted and you can use the tablet like a steering wheel, so if you turn the tablet left, the car will turn left with it.

The touch screen is also great for other games and apps you may use.

There are hundreds of apps, widgets, books and games available through the Blackberry store.

The Playbook has an impressive built in camera. It has front an back screen option, with a lovely quality picture it produces. Better results than my samsung galaxy s2.


No android market or other compatible market. I know it’s Blackberry, but the system does run off android. The Playbook market also appears limited in apps and games. The layout needs improving, if you look for free apps or games there seems to be very little on offer. However if you navigate through the categories you see there are hundreds of apps and games available, you just need to do a good bit of digging. Maybe with updates and feedback from users will see these very minor issues resolved.

The load up from when you turn it on feels like an age. It takes about 5 minutes. However that can be forgiven as it makes up for it in speed in other areas. My advice is turn it on, do what you need to do for a few minutes, like make a tea or coffee and come back to it.

It feels quite heavy compared to other tablets, but if this is the first and only one you use you most likely won’t notice. There is no SD slot to expand memory. The Playbook I am reviewing is a 16GB so I can’t comment on the bigger versions, there is always desire to expand memory as you are most likely to clutter it full of games and apps.

Overall this is a great device and one I would strongly recommend to someone looking to invest in a new reliable tablet that is designed with the user in mind.

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