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Applying make up is not just a case of slapping on a bit here and there, in most cases it is about precision application,, trying to get the best out of yourself and the make up.  It isn’t something that tends to come with a handbook though and most of us spend our lives doing the best we can, but anyone who uses foundation aspires to that perfect, flawless look.

There are a million and one brushes used by the professionals in the make up industry and they all have a specific use. Of course there are also sponges, pads and a whole host of other applicators out there, but without having attended cosmetology school it isn’t so straightforward to know which item does what and indeed which are best for applying a base and foundation to ensure an even finish.

Maybe a brush isn’t the answer…

We recently came across Auto Make-Up by Skinpep, which is a make-up applicator with a difference.

auto1Auto Make-Up is a a small silver capsule that has a removable make-up sponge attached t it, called a puff.  The puff can be loaded up with any make up base or foundation that you desire and then the magic happens, you switch on Auto Make-Up which makes the small puff vibrate.  Gently applying this to the face applies the foundation for you.

Does it work?

Yes.  The vibration is just enough to allow the make-up to be placed on the skin without causing any distress to it at all, meaning it is great of delicate skin.  What it achieves is a deep penetration of the skin, much like a massage, which allows the base to be evenly distributed across the skin, for example if you apply liquid foundation to the skin with a brush, it can easily build up in fine lines and the imperfections of the skin as you move back across the area.  This leaves you with a rather uneven and in some cases unnatural finish.  With Auto Make-Up the vibration avoids this because the ‘ unique soft and antibacterial puff provides smooth make-up with no lumps by applying on smooth and evenly for a three-dimensional deep adhesion.’  This means that you are left with a flawless and perfect base for the rest of your make up!

It also make applying make-up super easy and the capsule can be popped in your handbag for later if you need a touch up!

autoYou can apply the following items to the skin using the Auto Make-Up applicator and in liquid, powder, cream or even from a stick.

  • primer
  • foundation
  • concealer
  • BB Cream
  • CC Cream
  • sunblock
  • and much more

The Auto Make-Up device can be purchase in a starter set that includes the capsule and a total of five puffs, batteries included.  It can be purchased direct from Skinpep for just £29.99.

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