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About Blockwick 2

Welcome to Blockwick 2 – a world of jumbled blocks and colorful shapes. It’s up to you to unscramble the blocks and connect the colors.

The game introduces a slew of new block types – entangled blocks, sticky blocks, caterpillar blocks, and more. Play through 160 levels of increasing difficulty and illuminate the glyphs for an extra challenge.

From the creators of Aqueduct, Orba, and Monster Soup comes the next installment in the Blockwick universe.




Solid Level by Level game play.  Matching the shapes and slotting them into place works well.

It introduces new block types at a steady pace and does not up the difficulty too quickly.



Our Thoughts

A good game with a good change of pace from what we normally get to review. It took us a while to get the hang of it but once we got in, it sucked us in.  Good range of difficulty and worth the price for people who love puzzlers.

Gameplay it works well at what it does – and we want to see more from the Kieffer Bros.


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Game also available on Mobile Devices.

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If you want to see the first five mins of our gameplay  – click here

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