Blood Bowl 2 – Updated Review


With the Super Bowl coming up, we managed to get hold of the updated Blood Bowl 2 Game… Interested? Read on….



Basically American football set in the fantasy universe.  Be the big Orcs or the small Dwarves the possibilities are endless – pick a race and have fun.

If you know nothing of Blood Bowl – Click Here – for our original review (on XboxOne).  We played on PC to prep for their World Cup.


Lizardmen – seem to be our favourite so far….  This DLC Team adds to the game’s variety and the “shunty” aspect means lots of failed passes from our plays.



Roll Dice, attack and defend with lots of variables in between. Depending on how the player wants to play is how the game will go. 

  • Like bulky Orcs – Bash your way to victory.
  • Like Elves (Wood, Dark, Light) – As heard a lot of times in games – Do some “elf bull$$$$”

The balancing of the teams may seem off at times but a big bulky team cant run “for toffee”.  So taking on a big team with a smaller team, moving the ball around is key and the most fun for it all.



Having seen lots of gameplay and then getting the opportunity to play – I was thrilled. The DLC and the technical tweaks they have done – make the game better and more playable.  Changing formation especially is allot quicker to do.

Having played against the AI lots of times – we wish it would be faster on their turns, lots of time wasted.  Game time of 1hour means progression is slow – however the origins of the game been dice, we not surprised.

Good game with less issues than before. Wish more variety in the crowds and cheerleaders but understood about the time constraints in game creation.

Solid/Good – 4/5

4 out of 5



There is a Blood Bowl 2 World Cup!!!!  Make sure to get your entry down if this is your thing.  @Dresdenfalls is entering and more the merrier.

Click on the Link to find out more – Link 1 – Forum Rules Link

If you are reading this too late – apologies.  At time of writing – registration is still open.


For more on Dresdenfalls route to the World Cup – Check out our YouTube. Weekly(or more) practice games are getting played with a view to showing his full journey (no-matter how small or long the journey is).

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