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Introducing a sports game not often found in the UK in this form. We know it as Bowls but what of the “Bocce” variety.


The game is about a sport called “Bocce”. It is a ancient sport which requires skill, strategy and a bit of luck.  The game allows the player to experience the thrill of a game of bocce, it is best played with friends but the computer is still available to play against.

The one arena the game is played on is set as an actual genuine court. It will hope to guarantee developing and mastering those emotions of a game.

Bocce Revolution has been created and realized with professional assistance, consultation and design by legendary Italian Bocce Club.



The two main areas to play is a single match and a tournement of 5 matches.  Both are based upon the same arena of play with a yellow coloured ball or a blue coloured ball been assigned to each player.  (Like bowls, closest to jack or target ball wins)

Now on the court, the techniques and foundations are sound in the game.  Each ball thrown can be plotted its angle or its aiming point. Also the style of throw can be altered with a overhand, underhand or “into the air” method.  We wish we could of changed the angle of the throw itself but not available in this iteration. 


The commentary during play is ok, it tends to be a bit generic but adds to the experience.


Its a ok game overall. In a world of sports games been on big budgets compared to this title, the difference is easy to spot. If we take out of account of those big sporting titles and compare it to other smaller gaming titles, it does its job good.

The foundations of the game, the gameplay of “bocce” is solid and playable. It offers a challenge because the aim lines and the sort of predictable throwing angles adds to it.

Currently priced (at the time of writing at £14.99), its worth the price, if sports games and different experiences are your thing.

3 out of 5

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