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Have you ever wanted to become the star of the fashion world, to walk the catwalks, dress the masses and design what everyone should be wearing? Then Boutique Style 2 – Fashion Forward for the Nintendo 3DS is just the game you are looking for.

There are many games out there that seemingly hold a fashion focus, but they are mostly limited to dress up games.  Boutique Style 2- Fashion Forward is quite different, and whilst it has its quirks, the game itself is actually very well thought out and enjoyable to play.  

The Game

WVW69ioapKkf0ffGUXYour Grandmother leaves you a heartfelt letter and as you read it a small key falls out.  You  discover that the key unlocks a miniature world that your grandmother once explored, a whole city resides behind a magic door, one that you will become a part of and on which you will bestow your incredible knack for fashion and design.  Once you are shrunk and walk through the portal you discover Beaumonde City.  They welcome you with open arms and you start on your journey to becoming a fashion aficionado.  

Using the touch screen you set the game up quickly and easily creating your very own character to represent you in the game and the currency that you will use whilst exploring the newly discovered world.  Your new best friend Sophie is an absolute charmer and throws you right in at the deep end asking you to take over the Boutique for her.  

The Boutique is where all of the lovely citizens come to buy their clothes.  Listening to your customers and making sure you are well stocked with the latest fashions, you slowly get the reputation for being forward thinking in fashion, increasing the visitors to your Boutique.  Design countless outfits including dresses, tops, coats, skirts, trousers, shoes, bags, jewellery and hats, not just for the residents of this magical city, but for yourself also.  

As the game progresses you meet lots of people and chat to them about their likes, are invited to help out in the hair salon and beauty salon, as well as designing miniature rooms in the Caprice Chalet and becoming a catwalk model.  They world is your oyster, you just need to go out there and grab it.

Our Top Tips for Success

WVW69imvimwonv5ZDEWith there being so much to do in the game, we have compiled a list with our friends at Nintendo to help you get the most out of your time in Beaumonde City.

  • Explore – Get out of the Boutique and walk around, the more you do, the more places you will discover and people you will meet.
  • Talk to everyone – The residents of Beaumonde City will give you lots of information about the area, people to meet and new career opportunities! 
  • Listen to your Customers – They will tell you what you are after and you can use the magnifying glass to help narrow your search for the right piece for them.
  • Do well – all of the jobs will unlock different benefits for each other.  You might get a new outfit while working at the salon, or hairstyle at the beauty salon.
  • Choice – Keep the boutique well stocked with a variety of clothes, you will be more likely to fulfill customers wishes that way.
  • Decorate – designing rooms at the Caprice Chalet can also be a money earner and you will be gifted items you can use throughout the game from other characters too! #
  • Memories – remember to snap pictures of your time in the city and have fun! 

Our Verdict

WVW69imuNmg1wTFVAAThe game is great fun for anyone who enjoys the fashion world and dressing people up in new, funky (and sometimes unusual) outfits.  The control center of the game is your in game mobile phone , this lets you check emails, your schedule and save your game.  Your character is able to walk around the city exploring and discovering other shops, venues and cafes in which to meet new people and uncover new ways to enjoy yourself.  It is really easy to navigate and get the hang of the game. making the game one that you can pick up and put down as and when you wish.

Your in game conversations are accompanied by key words that you can click on to find out their meaning, this makes understanding the basic fashion concepts much simpler and also allows for a younger audience that might be a little fashion obsessed! 

There is so much to do in the game that you wont be bored easily, from dressing people, doing their hair and make up, visiting the wholesalers and restocking your shop, designing rooms, modelling, going to a concert and even grabbing a hot drink with a friend, there is always something to do and keep you entertained.  

Tomorrow we will be bringing you a more detailed look at each of the careers within the game, until then enjoy! Find out more about Nintendo and Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward on Nintendo’s website or purchase the game on Amazon

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