Brasil: A Nation Expects


With the World Cup finished and the story played out some will be missing the excitement and anticipation of the build up that leads to such an epic tournament.


Brasil: A Nation Expects from Universal Pictures follows the home team on their journey to the greatest tournament that football has to offer and you can watch it now on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Exclusive access to the team is granted in this intimate documentary that charts the an unprecidented and extremely personal look behind the scenes of the ‘Scolari Family’ as they set about their quest to win the most coveted of prizes.

Having won the World Cup a total of five times already expectations were truly high and given that the tournament was hosted in Brazil.  This DVD allows you to witness the players up close as never seen before and see just how they prepare for such a monumental task.

The Brazil team is headed by Scolari and just some of the stars include Chelsea’s Luiz, Willian and Ramierez, FC Barcelona’s Neymar and Alves, Paulinho from Spurs, Paris-Saint Germain’s Silva and Maxwell, Hulk from St Petersburg and Dante from Bayern Munich.  Although we know that the team eventually finished fourth in the tournament overall, the hopes and dreams of a nation were carried on their shoulders and this ten part documentary allows you to see exactly what that means to the players behind the shirts.

The episodes feature post match interviews and looks at the careers of the footballers in question and runs for a little over five hours in total.  The Special Collectors Edition is out now so you can relive the moments leading up to the biggest matches this year and get a sneak peek at the player who according to Pauliniho ‘fear nothing’.


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