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It seems that ladies are never quite happy with their hair, if they were born with curly they want straight and vice versa.  Many tools have come and gone to help with this predicament and many others such as frizz control.  Most hair styling tools will only helpachieve one look and those that can help get perfect curls, waves or poker straight hair, can cost a lot.  Once a styling tool is chosen, the next task is to think about products to use in conjunction and that is an endless list of epic proportions.

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A world first, the Braun SensoCare Styler is an intelligent piece of kit that helps to not only protect hair while styling, but improve the way it is done.  The SensoCare Styler has an on board computer that allows you to personalise your styler.  When first switched on this tool will ask you a short series of questions to create your styling profile, after setting the language, (you can have up to three profiles on the device).

Chose the length of the hair to be styled
Chose the thickness of the hair to be styled
Is the hair coloured?

Each of the above points are important and in telling the styler how thick and long the hair is or if it is coloured will enable the styler to heat itself to the ideal temperature.  This is not the most exciting part though, SensoCare is so clever that it is able to detect the amount of moisture present in the hair and alter the temperature to reflect this.  It will also tell the user if it is being moved too quickly.

This probably sounds very complicated but in all honesty it is a simple process, using a couple of buttons and smiley faces all the information is passed between the styler and the person using it, creating a ‘bespoke hair experience’.


The unit itself is sleek in design and has NanoGlide ceramic plates to ensure gliding over the hair is smoother by up to three times more than conventional plates.  The plates are patented floating plates meaning that the pressure across the hair is even and this helps to prevent unnecessary damage to the strands.  It’s curved edges allow for a more controlled creation of curves and waves and the automatic advanced temperature adaptation increases the protection further by adapting the temperature from root to tip.

Innovative and extremely effective, the Braun SensoCare Styler creates a flawless and stunning look whether you choose to curl, wave or straighten your locks.  It leaves hair with a silky, smooth and nourished finish which feels and looks healthy, in turn giving you endless possibilities.

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