Brave – Positive Talk


Its weird to think that positive thoughts and positive actions can come from such negative/ and sometimes positive emotions.

This short series of posts will look at an emotion each day and look at how it makes us feel but in a positive light. Added to that a picture of what colours and shapes define it for me personally. (good way to get a picture done)

Brave – Our Definition

Being brave is hard to be. To conquer a uncomfortable situation and moving forward from it. Putting on a “brave” face and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

How to deal…

Being brave is the flip-side of being anxious in a way. Both can and will work in tandem. Feel that emotion of bravery and show your heart (metaphorically). If you see someone who you have falling out with but have to work with. Show your bravery by tackling the situation in a positive way, be that better person.  

If you are uncomfortable at work or at home, be brave TALK!!!!


Personal Thoughts

Situations have happened in the past and currently where putting on a brave face is all you can do. So I always now aim to push forward and to only look back when I need too.  I am more open than I was with my thoughts and feelings – some people have not liked that. But f$$$ them, we live on this world only once (maybe), so be yourself, be brave and be that person you want to be. 

I am constantly battling my emotions and thoughts and feelings and lifestyle and everything else. Learnt from experience – BE POSITIVE, BE BRAVE.


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