Brazilian Beauty


When we think of Brazil, it is hard not to think of the bronzed, brunette, beauties that are the Brazilian women.  What are their secrets though?  How do they keep their skin looking perfect, their hair shiny and just everything all together stunning?  Lets find out!

Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz

Te Brazil Nut is possibly one of the most famous things to come out of Brazil since Pelé, actually the nut came first, but you see where we are going with this.  The Body Shop have harnessed the goodness of this rugby ball shaped nut and used it for good in the fight against frizz.  Yes, frizz can be held accountable for bad hair days and made to pay, the Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz works a treat by taming, defining and conditioning the hair, leaving it frizz free and smelling amazing!

Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz – The Body Shop –  £6


Many palm trees in Brazil produce Acai.  Dubbed a super food t contains so much goodness, no wonder they have been keeping it a secret!  Acai contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E & Omega 3, 6 & 9, people even say that it tastes like chocolate!

Natura Brasil

The leading company in cosmetics manufacturing, in Brazil, is Naura Brasil, with over 1,175,000 Brazilian customers alone, they are obviously doing something right.  We took a look at their website and immediately fell in love with some of their products, especially the Maquigem – Blush Powder Pink.  This stunning looking blush is said to leave a velvety finish on the skin, with a healthy glow due to the use of the Barabaçu plant extract.

Maquigem – Natura Brasil – €24.20

There is certainly a lot that Brazil has to offer and much of it accessible to those outside of the country itself.  Of course some might argue that the real secret behind Brazilian beauties is their love of football and who could blame them with some of the most amazing footballers haviing come from such an incredible and diverse country.


About Author

Founder of Eclectic Enchantments blog, Erika has also been a beauty writer, fashion writer and Beauty & Accessories Editor for a large online magazine before starting Erisea. Erika lives with her dog, Hendrix and beautiful baby girl. She suffers with Fibromyalgia and CFS, among other illnesses which leaves her housebound much of the time. Her passion is writing.


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