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You can make your own chutneys or buy posh artisan ones, but many people won’t even consider eating a cheese sandwich without first slathering it with Branston Original Pickle.

But you can’t really put Original Pickle into burgers, and so the canny people at Branston have recently launched a range of relishes for you to jazz up your hot sandwiches.

With five different flavours to choose from, there’s certainly something to suit every member of the family. We conducted a taste test of each flavour during our sunny weekend in Yorkshire watching the Tour de France, and it’s true that the range is well suited to summer barbecues.

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Our personal favourite was the tomato and chipotle relish, as the smoky chipotle flavour worked well with our juicy sausages. We think it would also go beautifully with some pulled pork and coleslaw, or American style ribs, so we reckon one or both of those will be on the menu for our next barbecue.

We also liked the caramelised red onion relish the best, and it’s certainly the most classic relish in the range. It was especially nice served in a toasted bap with a thick beefburger taken straight off the coals. But coming a close second was the spicy tomato relish, as the spiciness complemented the salty grilled halloumi.

The Branston’s limited edition sweet and spicy Brazilian relish – a mixture of tomato, onion, green pepper, ginger and lime, to some of our palates it was exceptionally sweet, but some even took to spreading it on their bacon sandwiches in the morning!

The final flavour of tomato and red pepper was too cloyingly sweet for all of us, and so after the initial taste test it was returned to the cupboard. However, it would probably appeal more to a younger audience so keep it in mind for younger barbecue guests.

bap close up tracy knatt

Overall we enjoyed the new Branston range, although we’d like to see a chunkier version of the relishes, along with a less leaky lid. The range is versatile enough that it can be used to jazz up your barbecue or accompany a meal instead of your usual condiments, and you could also use the relishes to coat your meat or fish before cooking it on the grill. But for a good old cheese sandwich or cheese and crackers, take my advice and stick to the Original.

The full range is available in the shops now for £1.79 per bottle.


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