Brit Women’s Handbag Habits Revealed


A new survey has revealed the extent of British women’s obsession with handbags; it also found that a third of men now own manbags.

Out of the 1,144 women and 734 men surveyed, a total of 52.5% of women said they currently had up to 25 handbags stored in their homes, with 4% admitting to having 50+.

Surprisingly 30.2% of men confessed to owning up to five man handbags!

Delving deeper into women’s handbag habits, when asked how much they spent on handbags per year the average estimated amount came in at a whopping £550!!! The average price of a summer holiday is £461pp*.


When quizzed about their main motivation for purchasing a handbag, 52% of women claimed that it was an investment piece for their wardrobe and 18% even reported they weren’t sure of their reasoning suggesting that, for Brit women, the pleasure-value gained from a new handbag impulse buy immediately outweighs the need for any practical rationale. Other reasons cited were because handbags are used every single day and have to co-ordinate with every outfit – from office attire to wedding outfits.

It seems however that women also like to keep their lustful handbag habits secret as 66% of the women surveyed confessed to hiding their handbag purchases from their partner, smuggling shopping bags into the bedroom when their other halves have left the house.

The national survey was carried out by fitted bedroom retailer Betta Living who wanted to know how UK women store their prized possessions. The findings showed how short-lived women’s handbag love affairs seem to be, with 59% reporting that they only use around a third of their 25 handbags a year and neglectfully stash the rest under the bed, on top of wardrobes, shoved in cloakrooms, and even in the loft, leaving them to get damaged, damp and collecting dust.


Barry Rourke from Betta Living said: “Looking at the stats around just how many handbags British women own and the incredible amount they like to spend on them it’s unsurprising that handbag and shoe storage are the most requested items when it comes to fitted storage solutions for wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors. Our bedrooms designers have reported that over the years they’ve seen a big increase in the number of handbags being stored in wardrobes and bedrooms – often shoved at the bottom or on top out of reach, making our fitted internals a very popular solution.”

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