Britmums Live 2014: Bigger, Brighter and Better Than Ever


Our wonderful writer Claire went to Britmums Live 2014, see what she got up to here!….

I would like to start by saying I would’ve written this post sooner, if I hadn’t have been nursing a megawatt hangover.

That can only mean one thing: Britmums Live and its stash of free wine have happened again.

I have been to every single Britmums related conference right from the very first one at London Zoo, and I can honestly say from experience that this year was the best it’s ever been.

I doff my cap to Susanna, Jen and the rest of the hardworking Britmums team.

They had faced a bit of minor critism from bloggers last year who felt too much enthasis was placed on newer bloggers. And in a sign that they respect their loyal fans, they listened and, as a result, the conference really did cater for everyone, old and new.

Usually, for the last two years at least, I have seen Britmums Live as a bit of a social meet up for mates, a bit of me time away from the daily grind of parenting. I may have spent one Britmums sitting in a corner drinking wine, missing 99% of the actual conference.

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This year, I was spolit for choice of what informative workshop I would attend. I have come away with copious notes, ideas, and memories to keep forever.

I actually learnt something about how blogging is changing, how I can get involved, and how to improve my overall social media presence, and for an old hand like me (cough-2006-cough), I was surprised that there was new stuff for me to find out about.

The speakers were engaging, fun and not a hint of patronisation was used. I personally enjoyed the great comradery used to teach us the fine art of podcasting by Love All Dads, and the sentiment behind “What you can gain from Blogging” expertly hosted by Rachel from Karamina, Mel from Her Melness Speaks and Cherry Menlove.

In a twist, the seminars I attended made it a group effort- instead of merely talking at us for 30 minutes and taking 3 questions from the crowd, the floor was opened to us all to join in (I particuarly look forward to hearing the Podcast).

I actually liked that less emphasis was placed on the Celeb content. Whilst I like a schmooze like the next Blogger, I found quality over name dropping a refreshing change. That said, Day One’s Keynote from Emma Freud was a scream, and a honest one at that. There was swearing, there were personal emails read out from Dara O’Briain and Jack Dee, and I was in tears of laughter by the end (personal fave line of the day from Emma was her confession of “sleeping her way to the top” via her husband, Richard Curtis).


Of course, it wouldn’t be Britmums Live without tears of a different kind, and these came courtesy of the Crowdsource Keynote, so effortlessly well paced from some of the cream of the blogging crop. There was also the (and I’m ashamed to say on my part new discovery) Opening

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