Broken Sword 5


The Serpent’s Curse

Paris in the spring, shots ring out from a gallery…

George Stobbart is back with another mystery to solve in the fantastic Broken Sword series of games.  This time a robbery and a horrible murder lay before the intrepid American when he is visiting an art gallery in Paris.

George Stobbart partners with journalist Nico Collard to uncover the secrets behind the horrendous robbery of a priceless piece of art, that left one man, the gallery owner, dead!   It seems George has yet again found himself in the middle of a murderous conspiracy, one that is older than even the written word.

A curse forged by the Devil himself is what George and Nico are faced with, armed with just their intelligence and the use of their logic they must uncover the clue that will lead them to save mankind, with your help.

The classic point and click game has been beautifully translated from PC to console.  The stunning hand drawn landscapes set the scene at each location and it is down to you to get George and Nico to examine, investigate and collect the evidence left behind at each of them.  There are many people you encounter along the way and each has a tale to tell and possibly some baring on your case, listen carefully as they unwittingly give you clues. 

The Serpent’s Curse is a fantastic addition to the Broken Sword franchise and will have players scratching their heads as they do their best to solve the taxing puzzles and put together the evidence before them to solve the crime.  All of this is done with some very tongue in cheek humour that is sure to delight as you amble your way through each scene, getting ever closer to the conclusion.


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