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It can be a little difficult to know if bronzers are right for you and if they are which one to go for, there is always the possibility of ending up looking like you’ve been Tangoed if you use the wrong one.  We have put together a little guide to help you find the right bronzer for you.

Skin Tone

It is incredibly important to know what skin tone you have and then to make sure you do not go more than three shades darker than it.  This will result in your skin just not looking right.

Bronzers are available in many shades but they generally fall into two categories, warm and cool.  Which one are you?  Sometimes it is quite obvious what skin tone you have, but a really good way of checking which category you fall into, is to check to veins in your wrist.  If they have a purple/blue tinge to them, then you would be more suited to the cooler toned bronzers.  If however, you have veins that look more green than blue, you want to opt for a bronzer with a warmer hue.


How To Apply

Because bronzers are darker than your skin, when you apply them the areas that sit next to the application will stand out more, the bronzer will appear to recede.  Therefore, when you pop a bronzer on, try to put it just below the cheek bone, this will mean your cheekbone will appear more defined.

You can also use a bronzer for contouring, around the hairline, under the jaw line and on either side of the nose.  Don’t forget your décolletage and shoulders!


There are a lot of really good bronzers on the market at the moment and we have picked out some of our favourites to share with you today.


Sunkissed Glimmer Compact


This compact is unique in it’s versatility.  Including pressed powder that caters for a range of skin tones and including a highlighter, the Glimmer compact is a good choice if you are not sure which one to go for.  Each shade can be used individually or indeed blended together to get the perfect tone for your skin and one that is completely unique to you.

With golden highlights and rich chocolates, the finished effect really does glimmer in the sunlight making your cheeks look sunkissed!

Gok Gorgeous and GlowingGorgeous by Gok Wan


The most fantastical smelling pressed powder compact we have ever come across is about to be introduced to you.  Gorgeous by Gok Wan is beautiful, it smells incredible.

The compact itself is golden and has a little mirror inside, into the powder the name of the bronzer has been engraved.  Now Gorgeous is a little different as it is specifically made for the décolletage and the collarbones.  A light dusting is all that is needed to highlight the area, leaving you with a beautiful shimmer that is a very subtle rosy gold hue.

The bronzer can be purchase as part of a set that includes the perfect brush for applying the powder and a shimmering body lotion!


image001Hoola by Benefit


Benefit are a fantastic company and have some really innovative and stunning products on offer.  One such item is the Hoola Bronzer.  In a shade that echoes the colour of the perfect latte or milky hot chocolate, it is very subtle.  You need the smallest amount to highlight cheek bones perfectly, it is very easy to apply too much here.  This bronzer has more of a matte finish, so if you are looking for less glimmer and shine, this is something to consider.

Hoola comes in it’s own little compact box.  Inside you will find a tiny mirror so you can apply anywhere and a small brush for getting that colour on those cheeks.






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