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To continue our series about Beauty on a Budget, this time we are looking at Asda and a few of the fabulous deals they have on offer in store and online.

Asda are a great supermarket and cater for all budgets when it comes to beauty.  Being able to pop into a store and pick up some of the higher end, more expensive brands such as Maybelline and Max Factor, alongside George, Asda’s very own gives people a wide variety of options when shopping for their next beauty purchase.  A lot of people shy away from a brands own make, thinking they are inferior or would not compare to a more expensive brand, but this simply isn’t true.  In many cases the cheaper option can actually be just as good, if not better.

We have three of our top picks from the shelves at Asda that cost less than £5 to share with you today.

Gel ProGeorge Gel Pro – £3

Nail varnishes that offer you the appearance of gel nails in a fraction of the time and at a significant reduction in the cost, are currently all the rage.  They are quite simply everywhere you look.  George at Asda really keeps up with fashion trends and as such have produced their own version of this call Gel Pro.  It comes in a variety of shades including Toffee and Poppy Red.

Gel Pro gives even coverage, at first glance it seems to leave brush marks on the nail, but they slowly melt into each other as the lacquer dries.  It does dry extremely fast and we would suggest a second coat, although one coat is definitely sufficient, a second makes the effect really pop.  Once dry it has a high gloss finish.

At £3 Gel Pro measures up to some of the more expensive brands who have gel effect polishes currently on offer.


matteGeorge Matte Lipstick – £4

The George Matte Lipstick is is another fashion forward item from the cosmetics range at Asda.  Matte lip coatings are very popular right now and Asda haven’t dropped the ball providing one of their own in a range of colours and at only £4.

The sleek black case has the work MATTE etched into the side, it looks stylish and elegant, which is only added to with the push bottom release for the lipstick to be released.  This is something we have seen in brands such as Chanel.

The lipstick itself glides on the lips, it has has a slight gently pull as you apply it, given the matte formula, but is comfortable, lightweight and the pigment is really pretty.  There is a very slight shimmer as the colour catches the light, but it is barely noticable, leaving you with the desire matte effect on your lips.


Nspa-Brightening-Detox-Scrubnspa Brightening Detox Scrub

nspa is a brand that is exclusively available at Asda.  They provide an entire range of skincare items that are really amazing, leaving skin soft, nourished, cleansed and moisturised.

The Brightening Detox Scrub is something to be used as part of your weekly skincare routine, maybe two to three times a week.  With tiny micro beads in a thick cream, the scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.  Your skin is left soft, smooth and clear, feeling refreshed and clean.


Asda has a lot to offer, so why not check out the cosmetics and skin care aisles when you next pop in and see what you could add to your basket!

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