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Buenas Noches Padded Bust topBuenas Noches- Introducing Buenas Noches: an effortlessly elegant loungewear brand from the UK. Creative director and busy mother, Rashmi Soni, began designing chic loungewear in 2010 as a response to her frustration at the lack of fashionable loungewear already available on the market. Combining wear ability, comfort and style, the 2014 collection offers women sleek wardrobe staples that they’ll be proud to be seen in. The versatile and interchangeable collection is designed to take you from indulgent relaxation time at home to the school run, to travelling in style! Mix-and-match lounge pants, tops, dresses and cardigans come in a neutral palette with berry accents. Each piece is lovingly made in luxury ethical fabrics such as modal with a silk and cashmere blend, bamboo and 100% silk. www.buenasnochesfashion.com

We caught up with Rashmi to find out more about her and her designs.

Why is it important to you that you source your materials in the UK?

Sourcing materials in the UK helps you control the quality of what you choose, it helps boost the British economy and really ensures my  brand is purely  British.  Sourcing  materials in the UK excludes having to add additional delivery costs  unlike if materials where outsourced from other countries.

PJ pant and Bolero cardiganWhat is the inspiration behind the 2014 collection.

All collections from Buenas Noches including the 2014 collection is inspired  to simply embrace life in the most relaxed way. Our collections have been designed purely for lounging, relaxing, feeling good and feeling beautiful using the most sensual of  fabrics.


How do you go from idea to product?

 I generally look at what current trends are and adapt pieces so that they are more functional for everyday wearability. I will sketch the   designs considering what fabrics will work best. Protypes are produced and tweaked until I am happy with the final design and fall of the fabric, before final patterns are cut and designs go into production.


Do you have a favourite piece?  If so why?

My favourite piece is the luxe bolero cardigan as its multi functional, it can be used as a wrap to keep you warm in and out of the home or it can be used to dress up an outfit and the feel next to the skin is sheer luxury, soft and lush.

Why is comfort so important to you when designing?

 I design lounge wear which essentially should be comfortable to wear. women spend much of the day in structured clothing its important when they are relaxing they should be able to wear comfortable easy fitting clothing, but overall still feel good in what they wear.


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