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Who would think so many more amazing things could be created from the humble honey bee? Not just honey and candles, but a whole variety of sustainable beauty products which not only feel amazing, but they have great results. They work.

You could spend hours scouring the internet and find so many wonderful beauty products, but the lovely people at Burts Bees have spent years creating and perfecting all sorts of lovely goodies. From the infamous lip balm, to products suitable for the most delicate of skin, a babies.

Their story really is a must read. It tells a story through the years, new products, how they grew and why they are so dedicated to what they do.

Bags are a plight for most women, of course I mean the kind under the eyes. Every day you see so many adverts about products stuffed full of new ingrediants, the kind we try and pronouce ourselves and fail miserably at.

Burt’s Bees have created a great range for that problem area. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, or even just looking for a way to minimise  those bags, then they have the cream for you. I have tried many a cream and seen no difference at all, but after using the Burt’s bees radience eye cream for a few days, I could see a huge difference.

No longer did I look like the lady with the dark puffy eyes, but my skin had a soft glow, the bags were reduced and I just looked far more awake and alert. The cream itself is lovely, has a slight scent, but nothing that makes your eyes water and a little goes a long way, so not only was it good for the skin, but the wallet too.

Overall, Burt’s bees are fabulous. A nautral, sustainable brand which really does deliver. The fact they are still working hard to bring out new products is even more exciting and we hope to keep you updated on more product releases in the future.

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