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Quality is important to every parent. From changing mats to blankets, all parents look for the best quality products, which are safe for baby to use and also affordable. Its can often be difficult to decide on something simple like the right sleeping bags, bibs or blankets. Something that was once a fleeting thought, suddenly becomes important and a high priority.

Seeking out the perfect blanket can take hours. So many different fabrics, colours and designs. You worry about whether or not you will get the right quality for your money, especially when shopping online.

Cue the lovely brand, By Carla. By Carla combines the experiences and opinions of real parents, along with the latest research and advice, and an exciting and contemporary style.

A brand that not only puts research and real life into their products, but a brand whom also produce the most fantastic quality products. With a little bit of love sprinkled in.

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The gorgeous coverlet pictured above is the kind a baby will fall in love with. The soft fleecy inside is a lovely feel for little fingers, it also keeps the warmth in. The beautiful design is what sets it apart for both you and baby. I can see tiny “blanky havers” all over loving the products from By Carla.

Not only do they do the beautiful coverlets, but they also do sleeping bags, some truly amazing fluffy rugs and even pregnancy pillows for the expectant mums to be. By Carla have created a beautiful brand which even better products. Products that will last for years to come.

So if you are on the search for the perfect bedding set or sleeping bag, look no further, because By Carla have some lovely products, perfect for even the smallest baby.

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