What Did You Call Me?


When it comes to naming the fruit of your loins, one would assume that this is a task not taken lightly, you are bestowing a moniker on a helpless child, that will not only have to live their entire life with that name, but until the age of 18 have little to no say in what they are called!

It is baffling therefore to discover that some people seem to genuinely not care what they call their children, in fact, in some cases it seems to be that they deliberately try to pick something completely inappropriate or plain ridiculous.

It has been reported in media up and down the land that people have attempted to name their offspring Facebook, Hashtag and even Anal.  These are not the most disturbing by any means.

The Baby Center, an American website, has a Baby Name Finder in which you can search any words to find the meaning of that word, should you wish to name your son or daughter it.  As part of the service, which is free, The Baby Center have collated data across America (we could not find a UK based service that was similar), showing how many people had called their children by certain names and in which years.

A word of warning, some of these names are a little unbelievable!


  • 16 children are called Critter
  • 14 children are named Jar
  • 8 children have the name Vagina
  • 39 kids are now called Number
  • 8 are known now as Name
  • and an astonishing 8 children this year are called Hitler.


  • 5 children were dubbed Minion
  • 2 were called Stinky
  • 3 have been given the name of Poo
  • 3 were named Blip
  • and a total of 7 were given the name of Butter

2009 – 2012

  • 2 children were called Penis
  • 11 were named Bum
  • 3 were given the name Sexy
  • 3 now have the name Cheese
  • 3 are called Mingie
  • and 3 are forever known as Pig

These are just a few of the ones we came across whilst searching and we dread to think what other ones could be out there.  Do you know of any truly horrific names given to babies?

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