Calvino Noir – PS4 Game Review


Noir Detective Game… Interested? Read On….


Calvino Noir sets you in a “noir” themed game. The Player is main character Wilt who could be classed as a detective/spy.  The player has to investigate set objectives to progress through the monochrome stylistic levels.

The style choices in the game set the tone well. The graphics, music and even the voice-overs all hit the style and tone well.  The gameplay however is a bit “iffy”. 



Pretty graphical styling and cool jazz tunes aside, the game play lets the game down at times. With a good concept and a good style, the gameplay seems to be broken.

To put this into context, we have to talk more about the games idea. So one of the main mechanics is set around stealth and sneaking around to find set information. Along the levels, different allies can be found who in turn have different abilities (Like “invisible to guards” or “operating machines”).   These all help the player complete the levels but “the mole” who has the “invisibility” ability is not totally invisible.

In our playthrough, we found when leaving him behind he got shot by the guards all too often. 

Stealth Mechanics

Overall, the stealth mechanics were poor, a bar that fills up when seen or heard by guards is a good idea but our playthrough found its flaws all too easy.

So, we managed to take out a guard, yet still managed to trigger an alarm. In a room with many things to hide behind, the game does not allow for us to hide.  So stood by a guard that is now passed out, we awaited our doom and finally saw another guard running down the stairs to get to us.  

The guard burst in and just stared blankly at us. So, casually we walked up to him and took him out. These types of moments occur all too often and highlight flaws all too often.



Its overall concepts is solid and good to play but the gameplay mechanic failures are too hard to ignore.  We exited our game after playing all to frustrated with how it played.

In a stealth game, skilled movement should be key. However luck is key in this game.




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