Can you really mass produce luxury accessories?


Think about the most sentimental piece of jewellery you own. What makes it so special? Perhaps you were given it by someone close to you, or to mark a special occasion? These precious accessories we receive are one of a kind and embody a noteworthy moment in time. So, how would you feel if you later saw multiple people walking around with exactly the same item?

We pride ourselves on individuality and our jewellery collections should be unique to us. So, when we see other people wearing the same items it takes away some of the magic from our prized possessions.

Mass production is a huge part of the industry and it seems that the high street has completely succumbed to this form of business. However, it’s not just chain stores that are resorting to fast paced factory stock, as many higher end retailers are falling into the trend too.

In a world where the suppliers must meet demand, the retailers who choose this method of production take away an important part of the luxury jewellery industry – exclusivity.

Factory produced necklaces simply don’t have the same skilled craftsmanship behind them as a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory. The artistry of a carefully hand-crafted bracelet cannot be compared to a cheap necklace you’ll find on the high street. Smaller design houses can closely monitor quality and ensure your piece meets their high standards.

Vintage jewellery and watches are all the rage these days and that is perhaps due to the fact they were often made in smaller production houses before a time of mass production, unlike those on today’s market. Older adornments have held their value as they have been crafted to hold their timeless beauty and practical use throughout the years. In many cases, you’ll find that an ultra-exclusive watch, ring or necklace will significantly increase in value, it all depends how rare they are.

In ten years’ time, could you see the younger generation appreciating the jewellery you’ve collected from the shelves of today’s chain stores?

When it comes to statement pieces and gifts, it’s worth investing a little bit more to ensure you can preserve both the personal sentiment and intricate design that we really want from jewellery. It’s time we rejected mass production and embraced the good ol’ days when jewellery was luxurious, unique and treasured.

Guest article by William May 

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