Carpo London – Chocolate Indulgence


It was impossible not to talk about Carpo London during our Chocolate themed week.

The first store outside of Greece from the family company Carpo Hellas.  Originally opened in Athens, Carpo is one of Greece’s fastest growing companies.  Carpo sells premium honey, dried nuts, chocolate and coffee.  Their friendly atmosphere and edgy design make their stores a home from home and one where you can pick up something incredible to take with you!

Since it is Chocolate Week at Erisea we are going to share with you the sublime chocolate that Carpo has to offer.


With a world of chocolate at our fingertips, it falls to companies to create something different and exciting to capture the imagination and indeed the taste buds of people everywhere.  Carpo London have done just that, with a wide range of chocolate on offer, there is certainly something to entice everyone.


The Chocolate Tubes are particularly delicious.  Based on a traditional recipe from Greece, it is hard to place exactly how to classify the finished product.  They taste amazing and whilst the texture resembles a dense pudding, isn’t a brownie or cake, in fact these tubes of decadence are pure chocolate.  Made from cocoa butter, milk and hazelnuts the recipe is heavenly, melt in the mouth luxury.  Coming in milk, dark and white chocolate, these tube are reminiscent of the sausages that used to hang in windows of provincial butchers in years gone by.

First of all the smell is intoxicating, the aroma of hazelnuts melding with sweet chocolate is quite simply only second to the taste.  Smooth, creamy and intensely flavoured, but in no way overpowering, these chocolate tubes are a delight to devour.

The quality of these products is evident from first glance, the packaging, the scent, the taste, every single element of this handmade chocolate invites all of the senses to play.




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