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Let’s face it. The whole process leading up to going on holiday can be really quite stressful. There’s making sure your passport isn’t expired, and getting a new one if it is (not to mention the initial hunt for the slippery little thing!). There’s the checking of visas, permits and ensuring you’ve got all the right vaccinations so you can enjoy your holiday without getting shipped back home before you’re due, or bringing something home you never meant to! Then there’s the shopping for holiday clothes and the dreaded essentials – and perhaps most importantly of all – packing that case so it’s not bursting at the seams. Speaking of suitcases, there are also the dreaded luggage checks when you get to the airport, nervously waiting as they size up and weigh your baggage. There’s nothing worse than having to fork out a fee for your travel bag and spend some of those precious holiday spends before you’ve even set foot on the plane. Or to have your bag tagged at the gate because it’s just too large to pass as hand luggage; even though you spent hours painstakingly packing everything you’d need for the journey.

Here’s where CASE LUGGAGE (www.caseluggage.com) come to the rescue. They’ve got this totally fab new size guide on their site, which helps you to identify exactly which suitcases are suitable for which airlines. You need never be taking a gamble on whether your bag will be accepted as hand luggage again. That’s one less thing to worry about before you travel!

If you’re browsing the CASE site, checking out their extensive range of carry-on cases – including some fab brands such as Samsonite, Lulu Guinness,Ted Baker and Tumi, to name just a few – you can select a case you like to find out more details about it, including the handy Size Guide button which will show you a simple and easy to navigate list of over 45 different international and UK airlines. Beside each airline in the list you can find out if this particular case will fit and what the sizing and weight guidelines are for that airline.

Here’s what Case Luggage CEO Stephen Spitz has to say about the fab new feature: “The Size Guide on our website eliminates all the uncertainty about the correct carry-on luggage requirements by the airlines. As far as we know, it’s the only facility of its kind for airline passengers and as it’s revised regularly, it’s always up-to-date. This is an easy and convenient way of helping our customers make the right purchasing decisions when choosing their new luggage items from Case”

As well as the incredibly informative website, CASE also has three airport stores that you can browse with you’re relaxing in the departures lounge (worry free, of course!). There are currently two at Gatwick and a brand new, standalone, all singing and dancing store opened this month in the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow.



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