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Jane Badler is a star of TV and film, known best for her roles in the hit Sci-Fi series V and as Diana Marshall in Neighbours.  Jane’s talents do not stop at acting though, she is accomplished musician and has just released a new single here in the UK.We were lucky enough to catch up with Jane and ask her a few questions!


What is a typical day for you?

Hi well it is pretty rare that I have a typical day, but if I am home in Australia and I am preparing for a show then I like to get up have a lemon water. Take the doggies for a short walk . Go for a great coffee ( love my coffee), then do a yoga class. Somewhere in the day I will vocalize and then work on my show in my room where I set up a mic and costumes. I might have to work on other projects as well and do my emails and social media. Love to go to the markets and buy beautiful food to cook. Evenings can be quiet meal with my husband or out with friends.

Tell me about your new single?  Do you have any plans to tour the UK?

My new single is called Volcano Boy, it is an electro pop slightly melancholic song about a boy born from a volcano. It is about love, immortality and dreams. I love the music video directed by Jesse Davey in LA. I think it really gives the song another dimension. .The ending was definitely inspired by my love for Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago .


Having been voted as one of the top 25 Science Fiction legends playing Diana in hit series V, do you have a fondest moment from your time on the show that you could share with us?

I think the first day was incredibly memorable. I was very nervous as this was a big job for me and my first night time TV . I only had one scene and felt a bit intimidated by the huge sets , big budget and not knowing a soul. Ken Johnson was incredibly welcoming and exacting in what he wanted. As soon as I started shooting I knew I had nothing to fear. Ken was directing every inch of my performance. Until I knew who Diana was I had the strength of a great director behind me.



How different has the experience of filming music videos been to filming movies and TV shows?

Filming music videos is very different experience for me . Usually it will take a day or two to shoot a music video . Most of my music videos are collaborative so I am very much involved in all the aspects not just acting. Also there is a sense of freedom and creative license in doing music videos with much fewer people making decisions . Music videos can be highly creative because there is much less time and money at stake .


You have amazing skin, what is your daily skincare routine?

Why thank you . Most of my skin care I get from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The ranges are not about pretty packaging but more about high grade ingredients that actually can make a difference. I usually get micro dermabrasion and peels every few months. And I never sit in the sun. Also lots of water and not too much partying. Im afraid good skin isnt much fun.


Do you have any favourite make up brands?  Why?

I love Nars Orgasm blush and lip gloss (ha no its not the name).  I love Nars eyeshadows. Right now I love my big eyeshadow kit from Stilla with the best colours. Also love Stilla liquid eyeliner. I use Chanel foundation and a glow that I mix with it to give my face a dewy look. I love wearing flase eyelashes at night. Definitely from my beauty queen days but I feel so gorgeous with long thick lashes. Also loving Chantelle lipsticks


What is in your make up bag right now?


My beauty bag aways has a liquid black eyeliner. My Orgasm blush that I also use on my lips, 2 lipsticks, pink lip brush, mascara, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme and small sample bottle of my favourite perfume, Narciso Rodriguez.

Look out for Jane’s second single Loosing You in August and album Opus in Sept. You can follow her on Twitter @janebadler for all the latest news.

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