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Laura is currently starring in the new film Amar, Akbar & Tony, a story of three friends and how sudden and unforeseen changes will challenge the lifelong friendships.  From inter-racial marriage, prison and even an accident, things will never be the same, but how will the three friends fare?

We have been lucky enough to catch up with Laura Aikman and ask her about the movie…


0777_AA&T_Laura Aikman as Samantha Please tell our readers about the movie and your role.

The film is about three guys growing up together, finding love, getting into trouble and testing their friendships. I play Samantha, an actress who meets Akbar when she’s looking for a new flat (he’s an estate agent). We see their relationship develop throughout the film after a lot of persistence on Akbar’s part.

AA&T - Laura Aikman and Mark MoraghanWhat attracted you to the film / role?

When I read the script I loved the fact that it had friendship at the core. And that it’s funny!

Have you seen the 1977 film Amar, Akbar & Anthony?  How do you think the modern day version measures up?

I haven’t seen it. I didn’t want to watch it before we had done the film because I didn’t want to be comparing it to something else but we’re all done now so I guess I can watch it now!

Meera and SamanthaWhy do you think the film is so relevant to today’s society?

It’s an accurate representation of Southall and London life now.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time filming?

Watching Martin Delaney get his highlights done on day one! They did it the old school way with the cap and pin. He looked all kinds if uncomfortable. I loved it

What was the last film you saw and who with?

It was Suite Francaise with my boyfriend Matt

Do you have any superstitions?

No! I’m not superstitious. My boyfriend is convinced there’s a little boy ghost in my flat but I’m not sold on the idea.

062_AA&T_1MayWere any of your co-stars pranksters while filming?

No pranksters really, we had a laugh though. Me and Delaney enjoy being really horrible to each other. We knew each other before filming. And we used to wind Sam up a bit, who plays Akbar. He’s a really nice guy so he’s an easy target, he’s not suspicious at all. The actresses in this film were the most mischievous I think, maybe not pranksters but Goldy and Amrita have always got a twinkle in their eye!


Thank you so much to Laura for taking the time to talk to us!  You can find out more about the film here, Amar, Akbar & Tony 

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