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Marisa Peer is one of the UK’s leading Celebrity Therapists, from Supersize v Superskinny fame. Marisa also works on top shows such as Supersize v Superskinny, I’m a Celebrity, Big Brother and was a judge on Celebrity Fit Club USA and UK. Marisa utilities her thirty years of experience in the fields of Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness and Hypnotherapy to treat royalty, rock stars, Olympians and countless A list Celebrities in the UK and USA. Marisa recently appeared on TED TALKS and is the best selling author of four books, her latest being ‘You Can Be Younger’ (Piatikus) – she was also named ‘ Best UK Therapist’ by Men’s Health Magazine and in Tatler’s Guide to 250 Best Doctors. 

We wanted to find out a bit more about Marisa and her top tips for keeping in good shape mentally and physically:

photoYour books continue to receive rave reviews and recommendations – what do you think makes them so appealing?

The most appealing thing about my books is that my advice works and it works very quickly, even while the reader is still reading, permanent changes will be taking place. I am a huge fan of small simple changes that have a massive impact on people’s self -esteem and well-being so include as many of those as I can into my books. I like to write in a very simple way that makes sense to the reader and I aim to make my advice uncomplicated and relevant. I am often told that I write as if I am having a conversion with the reader and that was always my intention. Having been a leading therapist for over 25 years I know what works and I put that into my books so that everyone will benefit whether their issue is weight loss, lack of confidence and self esteem, health issues or infertility. 

On your website you write that at school you were told you “would not amount to much”. What inspired you to work to achieve all that you have – and indeed to inspire those you work with and write for?

As a therapist I realised how much of our insecurities can come from teachers or other adults who say mean things to us while we are children and I realised very quickly that the most important words we ever hear don’t come from others they come from ourselves, so I made a point of giving myself the praise I would have liked other people to give me and telling myself the things I wanted other people to tell me. This had a wonderful effect on my confidence and got rid of my old insecurities.

Is ageing is more of a challenge for women or men – are women under more pressure to stay looking younger, longer?

Women are under much more pressure than men to stay looking younger and to stay attractive for longer because we are judged on our looks in a way that men aren’t. Men are under less pressure to look young but they are under huge pressure to be mentally young and active with a quick and sharp mind, Industry is not kind to those it feels are slowing down mentally and both sexes feel this pressure.

What one thing could I do today to make myself look and feel younger?

Don’t use negative language about ageing, don’t use words or expressions like “over the hill”, “past it”, “it’s all downhill from now on” etc because once you form an idea of what ageing is you tend to turn into it. The countries that have the longest living people like Japan and France are also the countries that look up to older people and see them as wonderful and full of wisdom with something valuable to offer. We have huge ability to influence how we age so change your beliefs about what ageing is and decide to defy ageing because what we think ageing is does not exist and cannot even be defined -this is why we all age differently and uniquely. Eat less sugar in all forms as it ages the skin and do some basic physical and mental exercise as it is disuse of the body and mind that accelerates both physical and mental ageing. 

Last of all, tell us what is in your handbag…we’d love a picture!

My handbag always has my make up bag with my essential in it mascara, lipstick and a mineral foundation. My purse, my sunglasses, my keys and phone and that’s it I try not to take too much stuff out with me as I don’t need it.

You can find out more about Marissa Peer, including her books, CD’s and downloads www.marisapeer.com

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