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Many of you many know Noah Huntley from his roles on Emmerdale and Holby City, but some may also know him from blockbuster movies such as 28 Days Later.  We have had the extreme pleasure to spend some time wih Noah and ask him a few questions to find out more about him and his career.


Noah5 high resWhat made you decide to get into acting?  How did you go about it?

I got into acting because there was a drama school in Worthing,West Sussex where I grew up and after a privileged start between 7-10 years old at Windlesham House Prep School-limited funds presented an opportunity to look at alternatives to simply being the plummy boy out of place in the local comprehensive.

I simply met with the Principal,Penny Edwards, who found my unconventional family and upbringing the perfect start for a place in the Entertainment Industry!

Many of our readers will know you from Emmerdale, where you played Luke McAllister and Holby City, where you played Will Curtis.  What has been your favourite TV role and why?

Regular TV is not something I love because it has tended to be established series for me. These tend to get into a habit of becoming formulaic and not really being ground-breaking in any way. That said,the people one meets on these shows are usually stronger characters for the experience. And I have always found things to love about that. And also,the following from the public is extraordinary. TV-wise,I played a real-life character as Warren MacDonald in a Darlow Smithson documentary/drama simply entitled ‘Trapped Under a Boulder’. Just two actors are the focus of a TV film for Channel 4 that followed a similar storytelling experience to that of ‘Touching the Void’-another of my favourite pieces of drama.

You have played a survivor in the zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later, how do you think you would cope in a similar situation and what would be the top three things to do to survive?

28 Days Later was a wonderful experience and there was a no-nonsense attitude to my character Mark which I liked and which was ultimately part of his undoing. Straight in, without any thought for longevity or self-preservation. Survival to him at least was about eating,drinking and sleeping. Simple necessities that were reiterated when dealing with trauma patients in Holby City-Air as Oxygen,Water-based fluids and rest. I’d go with them!

Noah paddle boardingYou recently starred in Dracula Untold, what challenges did you face to make your character as believable as you could?

In Dracula Untold, as with numerous other cgi-laden blockbusters these days, the job is not constantly going on about the integrity of your own character as much trying to collaborate with the director,the writer and the Producers’ overall vision (which is hard to do before and during the shoot and much easier to do with hindsight). Experience teaches you to feel your way, piecing together those elements that seem most likely to remain in the story and holding as clear a vision as possible so that you can fine tune when to compromise and when to stand firm on your choices. Laurence Olivier used to tell me we may be little else but as actors we are at the very least the custodians of our characters…For Dracula Untold,research into Wallachia and the historical context of Vlad the Impaler and the overbearing numbers of the Turkish forces gave a specific angle on Medieval warfare,survival and duty.

Noah6 high resA new TV Show airs soon, starring yourself called The Royals, can you tell us more about it?

The Royals is an irreverent take on a modern-day,fictional Royal Family. Set in London it stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen and Joan Collins as the Queen Mother. There is a deep bond between my character, Alistair Lacey and EH’s Queen that is an interesting juxtaposition to what has been described as the Royal household on Viagra!

If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

I’d love to work with Jeff Bridges. He seems so intelligent,versatile and unpretentious.

Finally, is there one role that you have dreamed of paying but not yet had the chance?  What is it and why do you dreams of that particular role?

I have a secret passion for Sci-Fi. I like the context of a world where nothing is necessarily predictable. Failing that I’ll keep on playing swashbuckling types…Ideally in space…Time Bandits remake?!


What an incredible interview and so interesting, thanks to Noah for taking the time to chat with us!

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