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What beauty essentials are you loving this year? 

I have recently been working with a company called Amway.  I was a judge for a campaign they ran called Britain’s Top Real Role Model, celebrating and rewarding female entrepreneurs.
I was offered a bundle of lovely products from their ARTISTRY collection and I have to say that I cannot live without their new Ideal Radiance range. As it sounds, it brings vitality and glow back to the skin.  It is perfect for working mums like me who probably aren’t getting their full 8 hours’ sleep each night.

Style: "TEMP"If you were marooned on an island what would be your top 3 items that would keep you looking beautiful? 

Sunscreen would be an essential.  I have a fair complexion so this help protect my skin from burning.
Lip balm – there is nothing worse than chapped lips. This could double up as a lip gloss should I need to look my best when the rescue services come and save me!
Lastly, a hairband.  Practically, my hair would need to be tied back I suspect, but from a style point of view, I could at least sport some on-trend ‘up-do’s’ and plaits.
Who is your role model (past or present) and why? 
I would say my mother.  Like most daughters out there, she inspires me to be a better person and fulfill my potential.

 Have you ever had any beauty disasters? 

A fair few! Thankfully, they were mostly committed in my teens.  Bad hairstyles, bad make-up – we have all been there, haven’t we?

Handbag! What brand is it and what’s in it??? 

I am lucky to have a beautiful Chanel bag.  It was a gift from my heavenly sister for my 30th birthday. I always carry my Smythson notebook in it to jot down my ideas, along with all the essentials; my phone, wallet and a statement red lipstick!

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