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Continuing our Kingsman: The Secret Service week, we have an interview today with Sofia Boutella ”Gazelle” & Sophie Cookson ”Roxy”

How good did it feel to be in a male dominated genre movie as not only keys to the plot, but really strong characters?

S. Cookson: Empowering.

S. Boutella: Finally.

S. Cookson: Yea, finally. It’s incredibly refreshing when you receive a script like that and you see that there are two kickass females in it. And it’s brilliant and they’re very, very different but their drive and determination and wanting to be seen as the person rather than for their sex. It’s great to read and even better to play.

S. Boutella: Their presence is very important to the purpose of the movie, for the story to move from one point to another.

S. Cookson: Yea they’re not esthetical. They’re there for a reason.

And Sophie, could you tell me how pleased you were to get cast as such a prominent role in such a big film as your first theatrical piece?

S. Cookson: I got the call then I just went into deep shock. Didn’t even feel happy or anything, just completely numb. And that didn’t really go away for a long time. And each day on set was just another thing, so like today’s with Michael Caine…okay. It’s constantly kind of pinching yourself.

S. Boutella: I did put a lot of pressure on myself. As a dancer, I think dancers are very hard on themselves, you know? But I did the same thing. Sam has so much fun on set…he’s like a kid in a way. It felt like it was his first movie, in a way. And I’m like that’s how I have to come everyday. I try to put the pressure on the side. Work hard definitely, but not as you know hard on yourself and tough.

Were you intimidated or concerned when you found out your character would have blades from her calf down?

S. Boutella: Yea. I was like, what? What? Well, I got the audition on a Wednesday and then the next day they flew me to audition for Matthew. And I think as I was breaking this down on my way to London, I was like okay, she’s an amputee. Alright. And realizing that then.

When you look back, are there particular scenes that seem extra special?

S. Cookson: It’s funny looking back over it because the underwater thing; despite how grueling it was, and it went on for such a long time I’m incredibly proud of it because I have not seen anything like that in a film before and it was really, really intense. So I’m very proud of that. And all the sequences towards the end with all the flipping. Working with Mark is a dream. He’s such a pro and so, so nice with it as well.

S. Boutella: I absolutely loved the scene in the Chalet with Mark Hamill. I think it’s a great reveal for Gazelle; when she slices in half and grabs the glass of whisky. I love that scene a lot.

How difficult was it to shoot the actions scenes?

S. Cookson: You have to keep motivating yourself. Wearing the parachutes and stuff. You know we’re not actually doing the skydive so you’re wearing them on land which is really, really heavy. And it takes ages to go to the loo.

S. Boutella: That’s actually what you remind yourself – I wanted to be here so badly. There’s no way you’re going to complain. We love what we do so much and we’re so greatful for being in a movie like that. So whenever things are a bit difficult, or the harness is too tight, or your legs are hurting you’re just like no I’m happy to be here and I love this.

S. Cookson: And it’s good character motivation as well. Roxy’s never going to give up. She’s never going to give up. So having those challenges to overcome just gives you another layer to kind of play with.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is out on Digital HD on May 24th and on Blu-ray and DVD on June 8th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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