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JRPG with fantasy style and a diverse set of roles to play as… Interested? Read On….



Celestian Tales: Old North,  is a turn-based role-playing game with hand-painted environments, emotive character portraits, memorable characters, moral decisions and a sprawling engaging storyline that is told through the eyes of six playable characters.  Yes that is a mouthful of words but thats how much it contains.

Created within the traditional JRPG style it allows players to become part of a group of young warriors in training. They must learn who they are and where they stand as they develop the skills they will need to survive the impending war with a dangerous threat from another land.



The story revolves around the journey of discovery. Take the journey through a different person’s eyes and see the story change perspective each time.

“Good deeds done by someone may be perceived by another as evil.”

6 people to choose from are:

  • Aria, a noble prepared to sacrifice those of lower birth for the greater good.
  • Lucienne, a loyal soldier bred for the fields of battle.
  • Reynard, a prodigy in strength pushing through any obstacles by force.
  • Cammile, a knowledge-hungry explorer shackled by the chains of duty.
  • Isaac, a peasant crawling out from a life of poverty.
  • Ylianne, an outsider questioning the natural evils of humanity.




It features a lot of the usual RPG mechanics we are used to, most notably the turn-based battle system. Each character takes turns in battle, with you being able to choose each character’s action each turn.

Traditional turn based strategy with a twist on the MP normality. Instead they use ST.  Each action you take in battle (attacking, defending, etc) stocks 1 Stamina point, and you can hold up to 8. Then once stocked up they can be released as Skills and abilities.


While you do have 6 characters to choose from, only 3 can be used in battle at a time.  Each person in your party has a variety of abilities so varying your roster is needed to complete different boss battles at times.

Experience to level up is gained as a group with leveling up done together rather than individual leveling. This reduces the grindy nature of the RPG.



Celestian Tales is a good JRPG with depth to keep the average player going for a long while. The different variety of storylines adds to the replayability and each is interested by itself.

With this been a start of a trilogy we love to see where they go with the story next.

4 out of 5


For More Info:

On Pc – Available on STEAM, HUMBLE STORE, GOG.com and other major digital distribution outlets.



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