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Century Spice Road is a standalone boardgame which will develop due to it been a part of a triology of games. Intrigued? Read on.



A game about running a trade might seem a bit complext but the Century triology will look to throw you in with some good basics – to truely run the Spice Road to begin with. We look at the first game, whilst we wait for the future releases.

“Discover the beauties of the spice trading road and its colourful markets with the amazing artwork by international renowned artist Fernanda Suarez. Wrap your mind around simple and pure game mechanics combined with a touch of deck-building system that lead to endless strategies and decisions.” – Box Quote.

Suitable for 8+

2-5 Players

30-45 mins



5 Caravan Cards

10 Starting Cards

36 Points Cards

43 Merchant Cards

105 wooden Cubes

4 Spice Bowls

20 Metal Tokens


The Setup

During setup, each player will receive an equal start with a pair of cards. The game takes into account the variable of first player too. (we dont see that all to often).

The table is then setup defined by the rules. It should take at most 5 mins to set it up.


The gameplay can be defined by 3 set periods of play. “Exploring the markets”, “trade and improve your offerings” and “the sell and score”.

Each period can happen at different points within the game. 

Exploring the Markets

 The market will enable the player to see what is on the table. Then to work out what their gameplan is. On multiple times, the game can change on the turn of a card or the rival player grabbing something we wanted.


Trade and Improve your Offerings

 You got to improve your hand to be competitive in this game. There is some super cards in there that will make you competitive early on but they wont always come out. 


The Sell and Score

You got to win somehow. Establishing yourself as the major player on the Spice Road – upgrade your spices complete contracts and score those important points. 



Overall Thoughts

A game where it felt like chance was a part of it but did not overun the game. Designed elegantly to keep each player involved in the end – a couple of times a lucrative contract meant we lost right at the end.
A Solid 4/5 score from us. 


For More Info –

The game is available from your friendly local game shop ( visit ) for £34.99.


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