Championship Update – After the Break.


This is the season so far update – just in time for the first game this weekend.

Talking about who is going up and who is going down let us find out.

Top 5 – Who is going up?

Norwich City

Norwich City are currently on a downward path with their last few results showing a sparse few weeks of points with 2 losses in 4 games. The plus side is they have Fulham, Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday in their next 3 games.

Last 6 Games – 3 Wins, 2 Draws and 1 Loss.

Nottingham Forest

Forest are in a worse place of the top 5 results wise, having 4 draws in the last 5 games is bad.  They are in 2nd with the current Championship Top Scorer keeping them from dropping points.

Last 6 Games – 1 Win and 5 Draws.


Even though the team has had manager problems they sit 3rd. The club have a difficult 3 games ahead of themselves – Sheffield Wednesday and then two top 5 teams in Forest and Middlesbrough.

Last 6 Games – 2 Wins, 3 Draws and 1 Loss.


Derby have one of the best records in last 6 games and their manager has a point to prove with his team.  The next 3 games will help them allot – Reading, Blackpool and Wigan. Can they keep it going – probably.

Last 6 Games – 3 Wins and 3 Losses.


Unlikely to be a top contender due to the contenders above them – but they are likely on this form to be a outside shot. Playoffs likely – Promotion maybe.

Last 6 Games – 4 Wins and 2 Draws.

With Felix gone - can they get out of it?

With Felix gone – can they get out of it?

Bottom 5 – Who is Getting Relegated?


Stayed in the bottom half of the table since the first game. The game at home against Bolton next will be key to where they will go this season.

Last 6 Games – 1 Win, 3 Draws and 2 Losses


Wigan are on a downward spiral with a position at 4 games of 12th to the go down to 16th to now 21st. A middling pace of games with midtable Brentford and Millwall. Get points off them – then maybe survival.

Last 6 Games – 3 Draws and 3 Losses.


A new manager – A new approach. They are on the up in form but still sit on a weak form at home. The form at home generally keeps the team up but with 3 losses out of 5 at home – not good.

Last 6 Games – 2 Wins and 4 Losses


1 win in 10 games – not good but the signs are improving from the position they were in at the start of the season. They got points in the last 4 out of the last 6 – so they have got the defense working. Now they need to score goals.

Last 6 Games – 1 Win, 3 Draws and 2 Losses


Nothing good really happening at Bolton. Bolton have not left the bottom 20 this season. That’s not good.

Last 6 Games – 1 Win, 1 Draw  and 4 Losses


So who will get relegated and who will stay up – lots more to come so stay tuned. A new weekly roundup of the Championship will start next week on Thursday Nights. The Mid-Week Update.

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