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Working it an office should not dampen your individually.

Why not try different colours or designs for your tie?

With in reason obviously, basically its about showing off your personality and your spirit. If you stick to a traditionally boring tie does that mean you are boring?

Likely not, but its about thinking about how you portray yourself. Vibrant colours!!!

Why not try different colours in your shirt?

This is a bit of a variety thing and could be a “foepar” if you pick wrong (if for the office). So stick to basic bland colours but vary it up. DONT PICK OUR CHOICE.

Pink and blues are a good start, go from there.

Why not try “Suiting Up” when going out?



We know, wrong suit. It’s the impression you want to make on your “going out escapades”.  If going out,  are you relaxed with mates or are you going out on a mission.



Keeping thinking differently about what goes where. We off to find that Hawaiian Shirt we have. Kidding.

Speak soon…

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Main Photo by Jose C Silva

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