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Deciding to do something different with your hair can be a life changing event. Increasingly though now people are going for a drastic change. Many are opting to go out of the usual colour spectrum of blonde, brunette, black or redhead and are jumping feet, or should we say head first into full on colour.

manic panic imageOf course you can visit your hairdresser and have a permanent or semi permanent colour and they do now have some bright colours on offer. However, to go all out and open up a full rainbow of choice most people go with vegetable dyes. The term Vegetable dyes doesn’t mean they are made from vegetables it’s a term long used by users of these semi-permanent colours believed to go back to brands offering vegan or vegetarian friendly dyes.

These Colourful Semi-Permanent dyes work best over light or pre lightened hair. They do not contain the harsh chemicals necessary to lighten hair. You can use them over natural hair colours like dark blonde or brown but they will only tint the hair and not give the full colour effect.

Most people wanting the full vivid hue will pre lighten their hair. Or the best idea as it involves skill and some pretty harsh chemical elements that can go very wrong if you don’t know what you are doing, go to a hairdressers. Then get your roots lightened regularly as needed.

The vegetable/semi-permanent dyes themselves don’t cause harsh damage to the hair, in fact often when removed it is found they have had a conditioning effect.

directions picThere is a great choice of brands in these products now available. It’s advisable to get them from a reputable outlet, they are available on auction sites but you have no idea where they have come from, dealing with a good supplier you will know they are in date, meet European safety standards and have come direct from the manufacturer.

Beeunique are major stockists of brands in these dyes, they even export the leading names from America, some you will find extremely hard to find elsewhere distributed in the UK.

There are pros and cons with each brand depending on what you want from your dye. Some wash out quickly over a short period of time, some are more “sticky” and stay truer in colour, but last much longer. These can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you like to do. Will you be wanting to change colour quite often? Or will you be wanting to stick to one vivid colour?


Special Effects is a cult favourite American brand, it offers mainly strong bold colours. It’s famed for its long lasting reds and pinks. Nuclear Red a very vibrant colour lasts in the hair at a good intensity, depending how often you wash your hair it can see you through to your roots growing through without needing topping up. Its £9.40 for 118 ml bottle which is one of the larger sizes in these dyes. Available through Beeunique.

special effectsDirections is a very popular brand priced at just £4.00 for an 88ml pot with Beeunique its often the place people trying these dyes start with. Some of the pastel and lighter shades in the colour range wash out quite quickly which is good if you colour change regularly. However Intense shades like the popular Plum have great lasting power.

Manic Panic is another American Favourite and has been around for years, the originator of Punk hair colouring, back when colour really was an alternative option. They have a wide range of colour and UV light reactive options. Prices start at £7.20 again available through Beeunique.

Not sure what colour you fancy? Or what they turn out like you can look though on each product on the Beeunique’s website and it links to a Hair dye gallery so you can see examples of the hair colours. There is also a link to the forum where all questions are answered by long term users of this type of product, who always seem to know the right thing to do in any circumstance, if it’s mixing a colour or doing an ombre!

Remember you are no longer shackled to the same old colour, there’s a rainbow out there! And no matter what your age or skin colour there is at least one colour with your name on it!



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