Chi Cocktail Recipes



Chilli-Choc Espresso Mintini

1oz Chi Espresso Coconut Milk

1 25ml shot of chilled Vodka

1oz Funkin Liquid Chocolate (or 1oz melted 60% Dark Choc)

1oz Home-made Chilli Syrup (Chilli Powder + Sugar + Water)

1 dash Tabasco

4x Mint Sprigs

Simply shake and strain (a sieve works just as well as a strainer!) into Martini Glass and add a Mint Sprig to garnish.


Chi Mango Crush

2oz Chi Coconut Water with Mango

1 25ml shot of Tequila

3/4oz Lemon Juice

1/2oz Funkin Mango Puree (or Mango Juice)

2x Orange Wedges

Top with Soda Water

Add your ingredients over crushed ice, in a glass of your choice. Stir, and top with a little more crushed ice. Finish with a slice of orange to garnish.



2oz Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water

1 25ml shot of White Rum

2oz Lime Juice

1oz Lemon Juice

Squeeze of fresh Lime.

Serve over ice, and finish with a wedge of lemon or lime



1oz Chi Coconut Water with Pineapple

1 25ml shot of Coconut Rum

1oz Pineapple Juice

1oz Coconut Cream

Serve over ice, and finish with slice of pineapple




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