Chill out in London at the K-Spa’s snow room


K-West SpaIf you truly want to experience the opportunity to chill out in the heart of the City, then consider a visit to the luxurious K-West Hotel and Spa in London’s Shepherd’s Bush.

With friendly and welcoming staff, the K-Spa will make you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the doors, with its plush decoration in calming chocolate and caramel shades. Of course the spa offers all the usual relaxing treatments you might expect: aromatherapy treatments, body treatments and facials.

However, the K-Spa has something truly unique in its subterranean paradise under the streets of West London: a snow paradise.

Opening the door to this cooling oasis and you will be confronted by the finest natural snow powder which you can frolic in by scooping the snow onto your body to give your circulation a shock (and banish that cellulite), or – if you dare – settle down into a soft snow drift and relax.

Hydrotherapy Pool - K Spa (High)When you start to get a bit too chilly you can soak away your stresses in the hydrotherapy pool, or sweat them away in the sauna. Then nip back into the snow room again to re-awaken your senses!

The idea of immersing yourself in snow can seem a bit daunting, but in Finland it’s a common way to cool down after a sauna. It’s certainly invigorating, and much less shocking to your system than you might expect. As you walk into the snow room (where the temperature is set at minus 15 degrees) your body takes a few seconds to cool down, and you then feel acclimatised enough (although maybe not brave enough!) to rub your body with snow.

If you are not sure about the snow paradise, the wet spa area also has little alcoves dotted around with soft pillows to lay back on – the perfect place to relax in tranquility with a loved one. And the foot spa area is the ideal spot to gossip with a friend while you rest tired feet after a hard day’s shopping at the local Westfield.

Foot spaWhile hotel guests can obviously make full use of the spa facilities, non-guests can also experience the snow paradise for £50 per day, or £25 if they have a one hour holistic spa treatment. Taking a 2 hour spa treatment and the snow paradise is complimentary. Find out more by visiting the K-Spa website.

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